Energy, emotion and electricity: 10 songs that inspire Brisbane’s Lucalion

Last week we came across In Ur Arms, the newest track from Brisbane solo artist Lucalion. It’s an addictive jam from the electro-pop newcomer, one we had to know more about.

So we reached out to Lucalion for a playlist stacked with the tunes he’s inspired by. Check it out below.


“This is a collection of songs from artists I’m inspired by. These artists manage to find the perfect blend of energy, emotion and electronics in their works.”

Chet Porter’s Stay is the song I’m inspired by the most. It’s a slowed-down take on electronic dance music that utilises a unique array of sounds, making the song one of my favourite feel-good anthems of all time. The guest vocalist, Chelsea Cutler, explores a similar sound in some of her works which I’ve included in the playlist.

As a producer and singer, she inspires me to follow in the footsteps of many artists who’ve created a living for themselves contributing to a majority of the production of their own content.

Listen to Lucalion’s new single In Ur Arms below: