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Engineering the Sound: synthy space travel with Genki Cosmos

The Cosmos synth from Genki is an intuitive instrument, with an intriguing user interface. Engineering the Sound took a closer look.

Genki is an Icelandic company that does things a little differently. Take the Ring for example: a MIDI controller that you wear and use to modulate MIDI expression with your movements. And while the new Cosmos is a slightly more conventional soft synth, it still thinks outside the box.

Presenting a fresh single-screen interface, Cosmos is a pleasure to drink in visually. But its sound and intuitive workflow truly set it apart. Engineering the Sound investigates.

An eight-voice synth, the sonic possibilities are expansive. But Genki being Genki, ease-of-use and a spirit of playfulness is front and centre.

Synth heads will find sound crafting tools that are instantly familiar: an arpeggiator with octave and rate controls (though you can also sync it to your project); an oscillator with frequency, tone, sub, and noise parameters; two ADSR envelopes and two LFOs (both of which can be linked to other components within the synth’s architecture). There’s also a filter and ambient effects.

Genki Cosmos

On paper, it all sounds rather textbook, but the beauty of Cosmos is in the workflow. Parameters are gracefully spread across a beautiful, single-screen interface. But as with all great design, intuitive functionality is intrinsic.

The sliders are colour-coded and shaped according to the cosmic theme. Arcs, orbits, and galactic swirls abound, all of which are incredibly easy to identify. And with MIDI learn available for all controls, it’s every bit the hands-on experience.

For all the details, head over to the Genki website.