EP Premiere: Tom Stephens – Embers

The thing I love about acoustic folk is its ability to tap into the raw emotions that we bottle up inside and find difficult to articulate to others and sometimes even to ourselves. We all connect to music in different ways and for different reasons, but if you have an appreciation for the calming powers of indie folk with it’s continually gentle touch of instrumentations, then we have the answer for you. Enchantingly mellow and sorrowfully calm, Tom Stephens is your man and is waiting to meet you.

tom stephens

Love at first listen for Tom Stephen’s sophomore EP. His poignant lyricism and gentle appreciation for acoustic instrumentation will help you find your inner peace.

Sydney based singer-songwriter, Tom Stephens, is set to release his second EP Embers, after spending much of the past 3 years touring all over New South Wales and Queensland supporting artists such as Steve Smyth, Baffalo Tales (formerly performing as Wes Carr) and Mike McCarthy – it’s time for Tom to shine on his own. The beautifully produced EP, which was inspired by his three years on the road, his changing relationships and the world around him, was recorded with producer Michael McGlynn and engineer Scotty Donnelly at the Vienna People Studios in Annandale.

This five track EP of emotional folk tunes, layered with various classical instruments including an upright bass, percussion, acoustic guitars and strings, will be sure to help guide you in your search for salvation. Tom’s sincere and docile musical approach lets him  share his inner fears and for you to hear his rawest emotions, allowing you to connect on the most personal level with him. Yet his sense of control and respect to not burden you as the listener, uncovers his glimmer of hope and sense of strength to carry on – vulnerable, lush and hauntingly delicate, Tom Stephens is always welcome and will inspire you.

There’s this graceful serene quality about Tom’s vocals, which is rich with this deep sadness, yet maintains a rather amicable quality with his hint of country-folk twang – reminds me of the soft and smoky timbre in Angus Stone’s voice. Tom Stephens creates music that we can all relate to – we put on a brave face despite going through deeply rooted troubles of our own, because we want to be heard but not be seen in despair.

Nowhere to Roam  is the first release off his EP and is the first taste of Tom’s high calibre guitar skills, his pained yet sweet voice and poetic lyricism. As the EP title suggests, you may get the feeling of a seemingly eternal and slowly fading fire within as you listen along. The EP will eventually come to an end with the morning sunrise that is Another Ones Arms, and we will have to carry on with our lives – becoming another insignificant piece of the bigger world around us without anyone ever knowing the beauty we just encountered…or you could always have Tom Stephens by your side and you’ll never feel alone again.

Tom Stephens will be launching his EP Wednesday October 22nd at Brighton Up Bar in Darlinghurst, Sydney. He will be supported by singer-songwriters Maia Jelavic and duo Telegraph Tower. Doors will open at 7 pm and entry costs $10. More details here

The EP Embers is to be released on Wednesday October 15th. But for now you can get an exclusive premiere of it here on Happy.