Video Premiere from The Fitz and it's full of desire

Video Premiere: The Fitz – Hey Sunny

With music blaring out of the speakers at the night club, drowning us in noise which becomes silence as we leave, the scene looks and feels different when we are sober and under the influence- you are about to experience the later. We put ourselves in that environment because we want to feel a certain feeling whatever that may be –  lust, happiness, liveliness, or emptiness.

Tranquillised with the pursuit of desire and freedom, there is irony in that we tend to feel most alive when we aren’t . The question is, how do we replicate this feeling in the everyday? We turn to artists like The Fitz, that’s what we do and they slow everything down just so we can reconcile our inner struggles.


Enter a world of desire and lust with Belgium’s,The Fitz. Hey Sunny is a slice of soulful RnB to soothe your troubled mind and escape to where you’d rather be.

Belgium duo, The Fitz, of Sven Van Troostenberghe and Ludovic Nyamabo, embellish the world with their take on an urban, RnB , soul, pop and hip hop fusion, influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean to Kavinsky to James Blake. Their first single and it’s accompanying music video, Hey Sunny, is rich with raw emotion and is intensely attractive with it’s time-warping beats, delicate and rocking percussion, and it’s unsuspecting voices which trail behind the lead- it’s edgy hypnotism is omnisciently alluring – your unfaithfulness is no longer a secret. There’s that vulnerable, yet don’t give a shit attitude about this track which is brilliant – it will tap into your emotions and help you get over them too.

The boys’ vivid and unique production, is founded on the philosophy of intricately mastering and recreating times which brings out the good feelings from a bad situation. The video and track may remind you of the times when nothing makes sense around you, because there is so much going on. You’d rather just close your eyes and sleep or at least find peace in another world ( bright lights, car noises, strange smells, strange people, ripped clothes- it can get a bit too much sometimes, you know). Pretty soon everything starts to make sense in the world you’ve escaped to, with each of these elements that was once offending your mind, soothing you in anyway that it can – things start to become clear.

The Fitz are on their way to becoming your dream makers – Hey Sunny is a promising start of that. This video shows the pursuit of a girl who could’ve had it all, and instead followed through with her personal desires, leaving everyone who cared about her behind,  as the lyrics go “ …aren’t you just lost in your world, why can’t you live like you’re supposed to, instead of wearing costumes veiling your personality”.

Even though the duo are the ones rejected in this video, as they sing about betrayal, they act as the one’s fostering an escape for us as their new found admirers- they are like the guilty pleasure that we conceal from others because we would feel jealous if others got a hold of them. Feels a bit like a love circle going on here, but what’s life without a bit of drama to keep the pot of trouble stirring – C’est la vie.

Another track of theirs, Witty , is a little less dark but equally sensual and I guess this is where we are first introduced to the infamous ‘Sunny’. This catchy song is riddled with vibrant guitars, slapping electronic beats and the always pleasing, evocative vocals. Close your eyes and let The Fitz take control and satisfy your needs.



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