Essential services: Gibson offers free online guitar-tech consultations

Coronavirus has forced many businesses into inventing online versions of the services they once offered physical.

It turns out that guitar companies are no exception, as guitar giant Gibson is now offering a Virtual Guitar Tech service to help owners of their products with minor set-ups.Gibson

Gibson is now offering a free Virtual Guitar Tech service to consult and guide you through setting up your guitar. You can talk with their techs via Zoom.

The service is free to those who own any Gibson, Epiphone, Steinberger or Kramer guitar. It allows players who are not confident servicing their guitar to be guided through minor processes by a professional guitar tech.

Those using the service will first have a 30-minute video consultation with one of Gibson’s techs, in which you discuss any issues with your guitar, and find out what condition the instrument is in. The guitar tech will ask you how you like your instrument to feel and guide you towards changes you can make to achieve a set-up right for you, as well as telling you what you will need for the service.

This is followed by a 1-hour Basic Guitar Tune-Up in which you will be guided by the tech to make the adjustments you discussed in your previous consultation. You will be joined via Zoom video so the tech can offer you clear visual directions on executing the service.

If your guitar requires any repair work or adjustments you would be uncomfortable doing yourself, Gibson’s techs can also direct you to a professional servicer. Meanwhile, the Basic Guitar Tune-Up includes tasks like changing strings, cleaning the guitar, truss-rod adjustments, and tuning the instrument.

It’s a useful service for anyone who has recently gotten back into guitar or pulled a guitar from under their bed due to having extra time on their hands in isolation. In that regard, Gibson’s techs can also recommend you a guitar if you are looking for a new one or have just started playing.

More info about Gibson’s Virtual Guitar Tech service can be found on their website.