Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled

Scheduled to kick off on May 12th, Eurovision is now the most recent victim of coronavirus. The annual song contest event was set to run in Rotterdam, Netherlands but has officially been cancelled by officials who are wary of preventing further spread of the virus.

The Eurovision Song Contest has become a yearly celebration of the unique talent which stems from each participating country. This is the first time in history it has had to be cancelled.


Eurovision falls victim to coronavirus: the annual event will be cancelled for the first time in 64 years.

This will be the first year that Eurovision will not run since it first captivated audiences 64 years ago. The officials running the event have come out media releases which have been posted over the event social media accounts which have expressed the regret but need to cancel the event in light of promoting good health and safety:

“We are all as heartbroken as they are that the Eurovision Song Contest will not be able to be staged in May and know that the whole Eurovision family, across the world, will continue to provide love and support for each other at this difficult time.”

You can find out further information and a detailed FAQ response from the team here.