Broken heart? Turn pain into pleasure with Evee’s enticing, velvety smooth new track Incredible

Former model, stage actress and classically trained opera singer hailing all the way from New York, Evee is the triple threat popstar fresh on the music scene with no shortage of talent.

Carefully cultivating her sound throughout most of 2016, Evee blended her past experiences with the present on Incredible, creating something both beautiful and powerful that combines elements of pop, electronica and soul.


Dabbling in pop, R&B and electronica, Incredible by Evee welcomes listeners with warm synths, gentle beats and boomy undertones.

With track Lone Wolf already under her belt and accumulating an impressive amount of hits on Spotify, 2017 will see the release of Evee’s upcoming EP, but first the songstress teases a taste of what’s to come with new track Incredible.

With slow melodies delivered through soulful vocals, Incredible follows a slow moving bass line with gentle piano strokes. Oozing with emotion and an inner sadness, Evee’s vocals sing of pain and heart-break, with her diverse harmonies making it immediately evident she’s no newcomer when it comes to singing.

Evee’s voice is stunning and fragile, demonstrating an incredible amount of control throughout the track whilst exploring both high and lower notes. With a voice nostalgic of Rhianna and Lorde, Evee’s vocals paint a sonic landscape of warm and gentle femininity while still managing to accentuate the severity of the pain she describes through her lyrics.

The track itself is one of easy listening, dripping with energy and atmospheric synths that gradually progress into an emotionally heavy chorus, accentuating the love-inflicted torture in her lyrics. Whilst many songs compact themselves with musical elements that inevitably overpower the vocals, Incredible is a well-produced track that contains a more balanced mix.

Incredible is a velvety smooth masterpiece drizzled with synth accents that create a sensuous, atmospheric chorus progression. The three minute track is a tranquil, ambient offering that will entice listeners despite their genre preferences.

Evee promises an synth-soaked, empowering experience with Incredible, making her one to keep an eye out for.