Layered and ambient with not a neon sign in sight, Ben Wright Smith delivers acoustic music with maturity and flair

Cruisier than an albatross mid flight circumnavigating the globe are the oozing melodies and crooning ways of Ben Wright Smith. As is fitting with a muso who’s name is as crisp as the morning beams of light, Smith has been crafting a body of music that is in one glorious acoustic breath heartfelt, progressive and raw.

Ben Wright Smith

With swelling melodies, broad sweeping harmonies and an ounce of why we call Australia home, Ben Wright Smith is a muso that makes them fresh

Filled to the brim with broad harmonies and happy go lucky acoustic hooks, Smith’s sound is broad and mature, a mix of the summer breeze and a cheeky grin or two.

The Melbournite has been carving up the Australian scene with his infectious music and design bending music videos. Taking a stint to the north of the America, he shredded up Nashville in the style that we, the brethren back home can be superbly proud of. Smith delved into his musical wiles, technique and ambition, collaborated up a storm and has come back a solid muso ready to do good by us.

One of his most recent tracks No One, scored it big in the hearts of us strayans who are hankering for music that takes it’s bloody time, jangles, jumbles and down right meanders down whatever coastal path it damn well wants, letting the ocean froth and lap as we dance and spin to that beat that threads its way through the heart of this land.

No One is a track that reinforces the substantial surges of Australian muso and music praise. Aussie artist have been cracking open not only the domestic but global scene, debunking the myth that only pop tarts, sorry, pop stars can make it in the U.S. Sinners In Bloom, is an intricate track that in its deeper reverberating notes, simple plucking and Ali Barter being an absolute delight in the upper harmony conjures up such ambiance you’ll think you’ve been given the jar of all the feels that ever were.

Suffice to say, Smith’s music is good. It’s good for Australia, it’s good for you, it’s good for us and it’s good for your cousin Ned. In the writing, tone and delivery of his music Smith has been particular, transparent and un-gaudy. Music such as this should be celebrated and bought, sending the message to artists that yes, we’ll buy this music. It captures something inexplicable, weaving tracks that acutely utilise the full breadth of senses and leave some things just dancing on the periphery for to mull and actually think.

Ben Wright Smith will be performing one last show on his most recent tour, head on down to Major Toms, VIC, Saturday June 4 to hear the fresh, fresh tunes.