Even Cowgirls Cry: Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys return with a melodic mix of country and rock ‘n’ roll

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys blend country and rock ‘n’ roll into their new single ‘Even Cowgirls Cry’, with thought-provoking lyrics about navigating the trials of love and self-discovery.

Two years have passed since the Sydney-based Queen of Americana and her rollicking crew comprising Sam Montague, Nick Ryan, and Josh Piltz unveiled their maiden opus, “Late Night Essentials.”

Now the special brand of cowgirl singing that is Caitlin Harnett is back, delivering the highs and lows of love in a raw and unfiltered way, reminding us that the journey of self-love and acceptance is just as important as finding a partner to ride off into the sunset with.

caitlin harnett

The latest release from Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys, “Even Cowgirls Cry”, is a complex and multifaceted representation of the human experience, blending the highs and lows of romantic love with a powerful message of self-love and acceptance.  Caitlin’s style of singing is a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of adversity, evoking a rich history of women who have had to overcome challenges and fight for their place in the world.

As Caitlin sings of the struggles of a friend, caught between the desire for companionship and the realization that being alone can be a source of strength and contentment, she touches on universal themes of the human condition. The lush soundscapes created by her and her band, augmented by the talents of saxophonist Billy Ward and producer Joseph Ireland, provide a sonic backdrop that perfectly captures the emotional complexity of the lyrics.

Caitlin’s vocals are as emotive as ever, balancing vulnerability with strength, particularly on the chorus where she sings, “even cowgirls cry.”

At its core, “Even Cowgirls Cry” is a reminder that the most important love we can cultivate is the love we have for ourselves. Through her music, Caitlin encourages listeners to embrace their own strength and power, to find solace in their solitude, and to recognize that their own company is just as valuable and fulfilling as that of any partner.

In a world that often tells us that we need someone else to be complete, Caitlin’s music is a powerful counterpoint, a celebration of self-sufficiency and the unique strength that comes from within.

This is alt-country at its best, with insights into love, relationships, and the human condition that will leave you feeling both heartbroken and hopeful. So, grab a beer and get ready to be transported to a world of cowgirls and heartbreaks.