Keanu Reeves’ Dogstar emerges from the shadows with new music after 23 Years

Actor Keanu Reeves’ name may be synonymous with Hollywood blockbusters, but for those in the know, his grunge band Dogstar is just as much a part of his storied career.

Although Keanu Reeves is best known for his onscreen talents, his passion for music is just as strong. As the bassist and backing vocalist for grunge-inspired band Dogstar, Reeves and his bandmates released two albums and even had the honor of touring with Bon Jovi and opening for the legendary David Bowie. However, despite critical acclaim, the band never achieved the same commercial success as Reeves’ blockbuster films.

Now, after more than two decades, Dogstar has reunited and announced their first collection of new music since their 2000 album Happy Ending. Whether this new release will finally propel Dogstar to the forefront of the music scene or remain a footnote in Reeves’ impressive career, one thing is certain – their unwavering dedication to their craft and love for music shines through. Sometimes, doing something for the pure love of it is all that really matters.

As reported by blabbermouth.net the band has been sharing updates on their recording sessions on Instagram.
In a recent post, Reeves and his bandmates confirmed that they will begin making new music this summer and will follow it up with some live shows.

The post also revealed that they have assembled a fantastic team to help with the process and will be making a music video to support their first single. The band expressed their excitement to share their new music with their loyal fans, calling it the “most satisfying and meaningful batch of songs” they’ve ever created.

Reeves co-founded Dogstar in 1991, where he played bass guitar and provided backing vocals.

However, Reeves’ increasing fame made it challenging to continue with the band, leading to its breakup in 2002.
Reeves later played in the spinoff group Becky with Dogstar drummer and co-founder Robert Mailhouse.


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