Everything we know about the new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album

Just weeks after the release of their second album of 2017, Murder of the Universe, fans are already turning their attention to what’s next from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. And it looks like their next release is about to drop very, very soon.

So what do we know about it? Quite a lot, actually.

king gizzard new album

This week, a whole lot of info about the next King Gizzard album emerged. It looks like we have a rough ETA, a title, artwork and tracklisting. Now all we need is the music.

Earlier this week, frontman Stu McKenzie spoke with triple J’s Veronica and Lewis about album number three for the year, divulging it would be called Sketches Of Brunswick East, and is a collaboration with Mild High Club frontman Alexander Brettin, as was hinted at when the latter was in Australia last year.

“[Mild High Club] came over and played Gizzfest with us in December and [Alex] just stayed at my house for a few weeks,” McKenzie said. “We were sending each other these really rough, vague ideas before that… usually just a chord progression or a melody.”

He told triple J that the band worked with Brettin “most days” during his stay and ended up with about 15 recordings, which they called  “interesting, chilled, jazzy, loose improvised pieces.”

“Then we spent up until a month ago going back and forward, changing them, cutting things out… finished the record that way,” he said.

Drummer Eric Moore also told Veronica and Lewis the new LP is finished and is coming “hopefully very soon”.

“We’re just gonna drop it at any point. It’s just coming out, straight up,” he said. “We might look like we’re organised but we’re not in any way…”

Now what looks to be the album’s front cover art has emerged on Reddit, although it hasn’t officially been confirmed by the band. Check it out:

sketches of brunswick east

The cover features what looks to be a tracklisting, which a few Redditors have tried to decipher. However, a listing on song lyric database Genius has also appeared with what seem to be the correct song titles.

They are as follows:

Sketches Of Brunswick East I (Ft. Mild High Club)
Countdown (Ft. Mild High Club)
D-Day (Ft. Mild High Club)
Tereta (Ft. Mild High Club)
Cities, Planes, Migraines (Ft. Mild High Club)
The Spider And Me (Ft. Mild High Club) Lyrics
Sketches Of Brunswick East II (Ft. Mild High Club)
Dusk To Dawn On Lygon Street (Ft. Mild High Club)
The Book (Ft. Mild High Club)
A Journey To ___ (Ft. Mild High Club)
Rolling Stoned (Ft. Mild High Club)
You Can Be Your Silhouette (Ft. Mild High Club)
Sketches Of Brunswick East III (Ft. Mild High Club)

We reckon you won’t have to wait long to hear it. Keep everything peeled.

In the meantime, check out the skitz video they dropped a few days ago. And check out our feature on Gizz’s visual mastermind, Jason Galea for issue # 3 of Happy Mag.