King Gizzard release first song and tracklist for Murder of the Universe

It’s been at least a fortnight since King Gizzard’s last release, so here’s their new jam

We knew King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard were putting the pedal to the medal in 2017, but seeing their output frequency unfold in real time is something else.

Their latest record Flying Microtonal Banana dropped on February 24th, and on the same day they announced their next project Murder of the Universe. Listen to the first cut from that upcoming record above.


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have unveiled the third chapter to their upcoming LP, a sprawling 13 minute jam titled Han-Tyumi and The Murder Of The Universe. 

Murder of the Universe will be released on June 23, and that nightmare artwork above is what you’ll find on its cover.

The boys have gone full Floyd on this one, splitting the record into three chapters. The album is an apocalyptic comment on the upcoming downfall of humanity, at the hands of a virus, artificial intelligence or an army of deadly robots.

Han-Tyumi and The Murder Of The Universe is the entire third chapter.

Murder of the Universe

Chapter 1: The Tale Of The Altered Beast

01 A New World
02 Altered Beast I
03 Alter Me I
04 Altered Beast II
05 Alter Me II
06 Altered Beast III
07 Alter Me III
08 Altered Beast IV
09 Life / Death

Chapter 2: The Lord Of Lightning Vs. Balrog

01 Some Context
02 The Reticent Raconteur
03 The Lord Of Lightning
04 The Balrog
05 The Floating Fire
06 The Acrid Corpse

Chapter 3: Han-Tyumi And The Murder Of The Universe

01 Welcome To An Altered Future
02 Digital Black
03 Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg
04 Soy-Protein Munt Machine
05 Vomit Coffin
06 Murder Of The Universe


Watch King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s recent live stream from Pitchfork here. 

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