Learn how to replicate Tame Impala synth sounds and fulfil your dreams of becoming Kevin Parker

A couple of weeks back we stumbled across an incredible post from real life synth wizard Reverb Machine that dove into the synths sounds of Tame Impala and how you can accurately replicate them at home.

tame impala synths

Reverb Machine is at it again. Learn how to replicate the synth sounds of Tame Impala with these in-depth and easy to follow guides.

In their first post Reverb Machine mostly tackled tracks from Tame’s 2015 synth odyssey Currents including the wobbly madness of Nangs and the dreamier sounds of Yes I’m Changing and Eventually, exploring sounds from classic synthesisers like the Roland Juno and MOOG Sub 37 with detailed descriptions of how they emulate them.

tame impala synths

Now Reverb Machine is at it again. In part 2 of their ‘Tame Impala Synths’ series they cover Currents hit The Less I Know The Better, plus little known (but killer) B-side Beverly Laurel and Lonerism highlight Mind Mischief, digging into synths like the Arturia Prophet-V and Arturia Farfisa V.

Each track section covers the different layers of Kevin Parker‘s synths sounds in detail and the whole thing is super easy to follow.

Check it out here!

[via Reverb Machine]