EVO Start Recording Bundle: the perfect building blocks for a home studio

EVO Start Recording Bundle: the perfect building blocks for a home studio

If you need a plug-and-play solution for the home studio, the EVO Start Recording Bundle from Audient does it all with a minimum of fuss.

Recording isn’t so much about the instrument, the microphone, or the DAW — it’s about a collection of individual pieces, working seamlessly together. Especially if you’re at the start of your home studio journey, sourcing the individual components can be a head-scratcher. Audient’s EVO Start Recording Bundle gives you all the tools to get you going.

Shipping with a microphone, headphones, shockmount, cable, and the all-important audio interface, the EVO Start Recording Bundle offers up all the critical hardware you’ll need. Let’s have a closer look at each link in this no-fuss, affordable recording solution.

EVO Start Recording Bundle

EVO SR1 Microphone

The microphone is where the rubber meets the road in the studio. The first link in the audio chain, it’s crucial for capturing sound from acoustic and analog sources. The SR1 is a condenser microphone, making it more sensitive — especially in the upper reaches of the frequency spectrum. Perfect for capturing the details of the voice, it makes podcast recording or chatting through a game stream a piece of cake.

It’s no slouch in recording music either. You probably won’t be attacking a drum kit with a mic like this, but for accurately capturing a sung vocal, acoustic guitar, hand percussion and more, this large-diaphragm condenser is a classy performer.

EVO Start Recording Bundle

EVO SR2000 Headphones

At the other end of the chain, you’ll also need something to listen back to your performances. The SR2000 headphones offer up a robust solution for monitoring in all kinds of recording environments. A comfy, lightweight circumaural design ensures that you can listen analytically for long periods of time.

Fitted with 40 mm Neodymium drivers, you can zero on sub-bass frequencies in the mix without sacrificing crucial top-end detail. There are open-back headphones out there that will beat the SR-2000s for flatness across the spectrum, but for a reliable recording and mixing pair of headphones at a very competitive price, they’re almost unbeatable.

EVO Start Recording Bundle

EVO 4 Audio Interface

We’ve waxed lyrical about this interface before, so to see it included in this bundle makes it that much sweeter. The audio interface is the bridge between the outside world and your computer, converting the analog signal to digital ones and zeroes, and back again, so you can hear what you’re recording. Just plug your microphone or guitar into it, and hit record on your DAW.

The Loop-Back Mixer makes the most of your computer audio, as well as what you’re recording with the SR1 microphone. The EVO4 has two extra digital inputs, which can be used to track the audio coming from a remote guest on your podcast, for example. Long-distance recording is a piece of cake.

Smart Gain is another winner (especially for those not confident in sound engineering). All you have to do is hit the green button, select your channel and count to ten. The EVO sets the gain automatically and sensibly, in a zone where you won’t get any distortion.

And with two high-quality Audient preamps onboard, as well as a JFET DI input for guitar and bass, this miniature interface still has the grunt you’ll need to tackle most solo musical projects.

evo 4 audio interface

Topped off with a cable for your microphone, a shockmount to attach the mic to your stand (an integral tool for avoiding nasty rumbles from the floor through your stand) and you really do have all the hardware tools to get you going.

Price is an important factor, especially if you acquire a taste for accumulating gear. On that front, the EVO Start Recording Bundle gives you maximum bang for buck and an ideal first investment in audio content creation.

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