Excellent! Mike Meyers has hinted at the possibility of Wayne’s World 3 saying “the idea of it makes me laugh”

Schwing! Mike Meyers, while on a press tour promoting his new book Mike Myers Canada, has hinted at the possibility of making a third instalment of Wayne’s World, saying the “the idea of it makes me laugh.”

Wayne's World 3

Schwing! Mike Meyer’s has hinted at the possibility of making Wayne’s World 3 saying the idea “makes me laugh”

Wayne Campbell and his golden-locked sidekick Garth Algar made their debut in 1992 with Wayne’s World, an adaption of a sketch of the same name on Saturday Night Live. It was followed up with Wayne’s World 2 just a year later.

Both have gone on to become cult classics, having a profound impact on worldwide pop culture with the popularisation of such salient English terms as ‘Schwing’, ‘schyeah’, ‘party on!’ and ‘that’s what she said’.

“It would be an interesting examination of Wayne at 50,” Meyers said. “I don’t know what it would look like, but the idea of it makes me laugh and Dana [Carvey] and I had a blast at the [Saturday Night Live] 40th anniversary, so I don’t know.”

On the Saturday Night Live 4oth anniversary special, Meyers and Carvey (who plays Garth) reunited to count down the top ten things about Saturday Night Live and it was excellent. Let’s hope he’s not pulling our leg.