Exclusive Track: Owen Rabbit – Squid

Samples samples samples! While finding one great sound out of a synthesiser or an effects plugin is one thing, electronic and experimental music fans also have massive respect for those musicians who go out of their way to find something unique to record, chop up and splice into their music. Some people use data from the sun, others use their own faces and one Californian producer used Bonsai Trees. These are all pretty cool, but this ‘sclusey from Owen Rabbit might just one-up them all…

owen rabbit

Squid is a track close to Owen’s own heart, not just because he loves calamari, but also because the crying baby sample is taken from the first sounds his significant other ever made. Not only is that pretty original, it’s unique and it’s touchingly personal. What’s more, he constructs a shuffling, direction-switching track around one of the most unpleasant sounds known to man and makes a bloody beautiful sounding track from it.

If you’re listening to squid, or his beautiful release earlier this year Police Car and wondering how he pulls off all this cool stuff, it’s worth taking a look at his live video embedded below. Grab yourself a Boss RC-300, two microphones, one hella old casio keyboard, one Cherry Red semi-hollowbody and the ever useful Roland Octopad and bam! You too can be the next big thing on Melbourne’s electronica scene. Also required: Talent.

While Squid‘s magic lies is a little more on the production side of things, I still reckon it could be pulled off live. I mean, how hard is it to mic up a baby? I suppose bringing it to gigs might be an issue – it probably doesn’t have any ID…

Anyway, you can catch the final leg of the Rabbit tour in Perth at The Bird on the 21st of August. Stay tuned for more rabbity goodness here on Happy, and listen to Squid below!