Exclusive Track: We Will Be Lions ft. Brookfield Duece and Ceeza Luciano – Scars of Love

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s an incredible thing to sit back and watch the madness unfold. People fighting for presents at the shops, recipes tested over and over again, and neighbours trying to outdo each other with their Christmas lights. Crazy stuff, the insanity people go through for a day that brings so much love.

It’s just like a relationship. You can love someone more than life itself, but you’ll be damned if sometimes that significant other can drive you up the fucking wall. Which is made abundantly clear on the new We Will Be Lions track Scars of Love, made exclusively for Happy! Talk about a great present!

We Will Be Lions

We have an early Christmas present courtesy of We Will Be Lions! Check out Happy’s exclusive track Scars of Love from the band ft. Brookfield Deuce and Ceeza Luciano!

San Francisco band We Will Be Lions have been doing their thing for the best part of two years now, and while they have gotten comfortable in their skin playing their signature psych/ glam rock, they have continued to push the boundaries of where they can go with their music. So hats off to them for that fact alone. For Scars of Love, the band decided to collaborate with rising hip-hop stars Brookfield Duece and Ceeza Luciano. I’ll be honest, when I was told the band had collaborated with rappers I was not too sure what would result, but rest assured guitarist Marcus Bowers had a vision and with that he steered this ship into some damn smooth, funky waters.

Bowers had met Brookfield Duece through mutual friend Ryan Watts, who started Green Chair Music with Joel Weston. Brookfield Duece also takes a lot of responsibility in helping with the label, and coincidentally has collaborated with Ceeza Luciano multiple times. Considering the circumstances it is no wonder these guys ended up on the same track. Soft, understated synths provide the foundation for the track, the sparse percussion, chilled bass and Bowers’ sultry backing vocals build the song up nicely. Brookfield Duece and Ceeza Luciano are at home on the track, never feeling out of step with the band and delivering their verses with good flow and sincerity.

Love is a battlefield, not just fought against the opposite sex, but sometimes to be fought together for the sake of achieving something great. Sometimes we get scars and sometimes they hurt so much we wish we never loved in the first place. What matters is how we choose to wear those scars. That’s the basic premise of Scars of Love, that two opposing forces can clash violently and harmoniously co-exist.

Big thanks to We Will Be Lions for sharing the track, and be sure to check out their socials for more new music from them and live shows! Enough from me, be sure to visit the Soundcloud link below and check out Scars of Love!