Video Premiere: The Creases – Gradient ‘Live’

Our mood distorts the way we appreciate music. Listen to a sombre song when you’re in high spirits and it will pull you down, just a tad . Listen to the same song when you’re feeling rather tense and if its vibes parallel what you are feeling, then it succeeds in striking a memorable chord with you.

The Creases‘ release a music video  for a track that not only delivers this gripping uneasiness as it gushes out lines upon lines of reverb induced guitar, but its sense of haste blurs everything into this fluid state which manages to soothe – edgy and reassuring, brilliant.


Live studio first timers, The Creases, show no signs of weakness as their moody indie rock succeeds in injecting good vibes in amidst a sense of calamity.

The Creases filmed a live recording of their track Gradient from the Bedlam Studios in Brisbane. It’s an upbeat indie rock song, drenched with the heavy fuzz and catchy guitar riffs that are a signature of the band’s garage production. This is the second single release from their debut EP Gradient, following the well-received Static Lines

Happy: What’s it like to film a live video compared to a staged music video? Which do you prefer and why?

TC: This was the first live studio video we’ve done and it was pretty weird and difficult to find the inbetween of trying to play well enough and not looking dull or too serious whilst doing it. Staged live videos are the funnest and I really love ‘Top Of The Pops’ and old staged music shows like that. I think the more you look like you aren’t playing what’s actually in the song the better.

Happy: What do you consciously do to make your band stand out from all the emerging indie-pop/shoegaze bands?

TC: There’s no calculated way to be successful unless you have a million dollars. I think it just comes down to how much effort you’re putting in and wanting it more than anybody else. Too many people spend their days wondering why they aren’t getting anywhere rather than sitting in their room writing a new or doing something for the band.

Happy: Festival, intimate gig or studio?

TC: We haven’t really had any studio experiences where it hasn’t been a stressful non-stop rush to finish something and we are in and out of the place pretty quickly, but I can imagine having enough money to record an album over a month or more and just living in the studio and exploring sounds and ideas would be an absolute dream. I think the band enjoys festivals the most though.

Happy: Are there particular messages you really wanted to resonate in your debut EP Gradient?

TC: I’m not sure, it’s so old now (since writing/recording it) we all feel pretty disconnected from it. I would just say not to expect the same sounding record or band this year and to take the spectrum and difference of sounds and production between all the songs on the EP as an indication of what’s to come.

Happy: What can people expect from one of your live shows?

TC: We are putting a lot of work into our live shows for next year so hopefully something amazing and less inconsistent and crazy as the past year of shows have been.

Happy:  One thing music has taught me is…..

TC: I can live on $50 a fortnight

Happy: What’s next for you guys?

TC: We are writing and recording a lot

Happy: What makes you Happy?

TC: The new nacho/dorito crust pizza at Pizza Hut*

Indie pop/rock that experiments with elements of shoegaze continues to thrive in Aus. Thanks to Happy it has never been too late for my love of this genre to bloom – I’ve been introduced to artists including Moses Gunn Collective and Silver Hills and now I can’t wait to add The Creases to this list and lavish in their dreamy darkness.

* One nod of approval is enough to try it, right?