Eye Candy’s alt-pop gem ‘Microwave’ and the enchanting journey of a solo artist

Dive into a cosmic journey with Eye Candy’s synth-infused gem ‘Microwave’ – a modern indie delight!

Once upon a time, Eye Candy was one-third of the renowned alt-psych trio, Sugar John, captivating audiences with their magical music. They blessed us with two enchanting albums and a handful of delightful singles from 2017 to 2020.

But as fate would have it, Eye Candy embarked on a solo journey in 2021, and we’ve been bewitched ever since! Now, brace yourself for the imminent release of his sixth single, ‘Microwave,’ a whimsical concoction that’ll have you dancing like nobody’s watching – Lollapalooza style.

eye candy

Drawing inspiration from the likes of They Might Be Giants, The Flaming Lips (Yoshimi-era), and Pixies’ signature quiet-loud-quiet structure, Eye Candy weaves a vibrant tapestry of sounds that’ll leave you in awe.

Speaking of Pixies, you may recall his previous single ‘Pigeon,’ which served up delectable flavours of ’90s indie rock, showcasing a marvelous fusion of guitar-driven melodies. However, the ever-evolving artist decided to dip his toes into the pool of modern hyper-pop for the 2021 EP, ‘Who Did He Tell You That To?’. It’s a testament to Eye Candy’s versatility and boundless creativity!

‘Microwave’ effortlessly weaves a tale of endless movies playing in our minds, as Eye Candy’s addictively vulnerable, mellow-yet-distant vocals create an ethereal experience. With lines like “I stood too close to the microwave one too many times,” he hints at the feeling of being burned by love or life. The focus here lies in melody over articulation, harmonising beautifully with DIY-produced backing voices that will send shivers down your spine.

The chorus bursts to life with heavy bass-drops, electrifying guitar effects, and warped synths. It’s a dance of volume-based contrasts, reminiscent of Pixies’ signature style, and popularised by Nirvana. However, Eye Candy takes it up a notch, crafting a deeply rich and intricate soundscape with his masterful synth work and layered textures.

eye candy

So, get ready to be swept away by the irresistible charm of ‘Microwave,’ as Eye Candy masterfully blends the nostalgia of older artists with his own bewitching magic. This enchanting tune is a testament to the limitless potential of an artist who is always on the move, weaving dreams and musical wonders wherever he goes. Open your hearts and let the magic of Eye Candy’s ‘Microwave’ wash over you!

Wrap your earholes around ‘Microwave’ below:

Review By Corin Shearston

Photos and cover art by Max Hurley