The Kills Return with New Music after Seven-Year Hiatus

The Kills make a sizzling comeback, delivering electrifying beats, hypnotic vocals, and visuals that’ll melt your mind!

Get ready to groove to the electrifying beats of The Kills as the iconic rock duo, none other than the enigmatic Alison Mosshart and the inimitable Jamie Hince, make a grand resurgence with their latest dual sonic offerings, ‘New York’ and ‘LA Hex,’ marking their much-anticipated return after a seven-year hiatus!

Within the scintillating sonic realm carved by The Kills, a band renowned for their raw energy and untamed allure, it’s the entwined vocals of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince that truly seize the senses. Mosshart’s smoky, soulful delivery weaves seamlessly with Hince’s gritty, guitar-fueled reverberations, forging an intoxicating musical synergy that pulsates with both vulnerability and defiance, leaving an indelible mark on the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll.

Under the masterful directorial vision of the ever-talented Andrew Theodore Balasia, the accompanying music videos of these singles transpire as nothing short of visual splendor. ‘New York’ thrusts us ringside, immersing our senses in a visceral realm where untamed emotions reign supreme, a vivid spectacle of passion and grit. Despite the relentless pursuit of artistic expression that leaves them bloodied, the magnetic allure remains utterly undeniable.

In contrast, the beguiling tapestry of ‘LA Hex’ beckons us into the enigmatic world of this dynamic duo. Cruising through the enclaves of the City of Angels in a muscled chariot, their artistic journey intertwines seamlessly with glimpses of enigmatic characters, each harbouring their own captivating tale. Los Angeles assumes its role as a compelling backdrop, shrouded in mystique and revelation, as they unveil a narrative that lingers long after the final frames fade away.

To honour this momentous return, The Kills have ingeniously curated thrilling pop-up events in both New York City and Los Angeles. On July 27, the NYC soirée shall unfurl within the expansive Lower East Side studio of none other than the esteemed rock/fashion photographer Steven Sebring, while the LA gathering shall transpire on August 3 at the illustrious The Viper Room.

Devotees partaking in these events shall revel in the exclusive opportunity to procure limited edition merch and a two-track 7″ vinyl, encasing the very essence of these exhilarating singles. Fret not if you find yourself unable to attend in person, for the alluring merch and vinyl shall be readily available for acquisition online!

The Kills’ creative prowess has thrived during their hiatus, and these latest releases bear testament to their evolution as consummate musicians. So, etch a mark on your calendars and brace yourself for an unforgettable melodic odyssey with The Kills, as they bewitch you anew with their infectious energy!