Dolly Parton Drops Tribute to Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’

Country queen Dolly Parton rocks the stage with a fierce cover of Queen’s anthem!

Move over young blood, because the queen of country has just turned up the volume and rocked our world! The timeless Dolly Parton, at a jaw-dropping 77 years young, has unleashed a cover of Queen’s epic “We Are the Champions” that will leave you in awe.

Brace yourselves for her upcoming album, aptly titled Rockstar, set to drop on Nov. 17, and boy, does she prove why she’s earned that moniker!

Parton, the dazzling musical icon, channels the legendary Freddie Mercury’s unparalleled energy on this guitar-driven track. With every note she belts out, you can feel the force of her passion and the unwavering commitment to honouring this iconic anthem.

And just when you thought you’ve heard it all, the magic doesn’t stop there. In a jaw-dropping twist, Parton effortlessly transitions into an interpolation of “We Will Rock You,” capturing the beat and stadium chants with uncanny precision.

“We Are the Champions” marks Parton’s fourth release from her forthcoming album, which promises to be an opus of musical brilliance.

The 30-song extravaganza boasts not only nine stunning original compositions but also a treasure trove of 20 iconic covers. And let us tell you, this Queen tribute just might be the jewel in the crown.

Daring and versatile, Dolly proves that she can tackle any genre with grace and grit. Her sweet country lilt finds its way into the heart of rock and roll, showcasing her sheer mastery of the craft.

This cover pays homage to the rock legends while infusing it with her own signature style, making it an absolute standout in her illustrious career.

Sure, the song feels like an exhilarating musical theater moment, but that’s the very essence of it.

It grabs you, sweeps you off your feet, and leaves you singing along, no matter where you are. The drama is real, the emotions are raw, and Dolly Parton owns every single moment of it.

So, let’s raise a toast to the unparalleled Dolly, for she has once again graced us with her remarkable talent and unyielding intent.

This cover of “We Are the Champions” is nothing short of a triumph, a true testament to Dolly’s enduring reign in the realm of music. Kudos, Dolly, kudos indeed!

Check out the full track listing of her forthcoming album here.