Cruising with Catchiness: Mainland Break’s ‘One Way Ticket To Midnight’ Album Review

Mainland Break’s debut album, “One Way Ticket To Midnight,” delivers infectious pop-rock melodies and captivating songwriting.

Four years on from their EP, Short Stay, Mainland Break have proven themselves as a sustained force in pop-rock catchiness and melodic songwriting with their debut album.

One Way Ticket To Midnight was released on July 21 after the album’s title track dropped along with its second lead single, ‘Calling After’.

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The album has now garnered considerable industry acclaim in just a handful of days, with sonic comparisons being made between Mainland Break, R.E.M, and The Shins.

Over its ten mid-length tracks, there’s a lot to dig into while riding on our one way ticket.

“Calling After’ launches the album with infectious energy, strong harmonies, and solid pop-rock pacing, setting the perfect tone for an engaging journey. The evocative storytelling and relatable lyrics detailing boiling temperatures and worn-out shoes make it a standout gem. Mainland Break’s signature style shines through, creating an irresistible musical experience.

Other standout tracks on the album include the jaunty ‘Lucky Miles’ and ‘Memory Fades’, while the bare rhythmic pulse of One Way Ticket’s third video single, ‘Portland’, reminded us of a less-darker version of The Cure, and their straightforward musical approach on one of their poppier pieces, such as ‘Just Like Heaven’.

Landing halfway through the album, ‘One Way Ticket To Midnight’ is one of the strongest tracks on offer through its straightforward punk energy.

This is stylishly blended with dreamy guitar melodies, evocative excitement-tinged lyrics of “champagne terrain”s, and other night time delights, ignited multiple times with its big catchy chorus.

With one of Mainland Break’s self-penned music descriptions being ‘road trip rock’, this philosophy comes across in the song’s attention-grabbing rhythmic propulsion, which is also restrained enough as to not overwhelm us with its intensity.

A strong tune to sit back and cruise to… destination unknown.

The idea of cruising is visually represented in the band’s video for their song ‘Calling After’, which shows the five-piece coasting down suburban streets on pushbikes.

Jangly and snappy, like a happy version of The Smiths, the track conjures up imagery of summery suburban streets with tasty lyrics like ‘’[the] dead heat of summer still felt in the night”.

Kudos to Mainland Break for satiating the anticipation of their fans with this album. Watch Mainland Break’s music videos HERE, and listen to their album HERE.

Review Corin Shearston