Shoddy Facebook censorship strikes again as an image of sea god Neptune is deemed innapropriate

Neptune, Roman god of the ocean and well-known Renaissance symbol of Northern Italy, is a famous skinny dipper. If you had dominion over the seven seas, wouldn’t you do the same?

But after going his whole life naked as the day he was born, Neptune has finally encountered an opponent in the laughable Facebook censorship policy. After Italian art historian Elisa Barbari chose to post a photo of his statue in Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna, Facebook stepped in to remove the picture citing a violation of their “guide lines on advertising.”

facebook censorship neptune

An image of Neptune, god of the seas is the latest victim in a recurring war against prudish, unnecessary Facebook censorship.

“I wanted to promote my page but it seems that for Facebook the statue is a sexually explicit image that shows off too much flesh. Really, Neptune? This is crazy!” Ms Barbari said.

Here’s what Facebook had to say in a statement:

“It presents an image with content that is explicitly sexual and which shows to an excessive degree the body, concentrating unnecessarily on body parts.”

“The use of images or video of nude bodies or plunging necklines is not allowed, even if the use is for artistic or educational reasons.”

Amongst the terabytes of soft porn on Facebook or influences literally making money from their “plunging necklines”, poor Neptune has taken the latest fall in Facebook’s continued attempts to censor offensive content.

Never mind that the statue has been standing in Piazza del Nettuno for 500 years, baring all for hungry Italian eyes. This was the last straw.

Facebook’s wishy-washy content guidelines can be found here. Think twice before the next time you post a picture of yourself eating a banana.

Via Telegraph.