Scientists confirm getting naked at a Donny Benet gig is natural

There have only been three moments in my life where I thought I would be a part of an orgy. The first was at a What So Not show at the World Bar. The back room had reached capacity and they had sealed the doors. With so many bodies trapped in a room dancing like crazy it got so hot, people began stripping down to their bare essentials and continued to rub up against each other. The other was when I saw Donny Benet, and on two seperate occasions no less. And both times were far more sexier than What So Not. Sorry Flume.

Happy Mag launch

The first was at The Blurst of Times at the tail end of 2014. The festival had expanded beyond Brisbane and had made it’s way to Sydney’s Factory Theatre. There was a lot of punk and thrash bands playing, so Donny Benet’s inclusion on the bill puzzled this then fresh-faced music journo. Rest assured, what greeted me in that room was one of the most memorable sights to stick with me from that day. Benet was stationed at his keyboard, improvising a jam in Gimme Your Heat while 20 or so people had jumped on stage and had begun gyrating wildly. SPOD and Jeremy Neale were up there too if memory serves correctly. People had this look in their eye, the kind of look you give someone before you strip each other’s clothes off and do the nasty.

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Fast forward to BIGSOUND 2015. It was night one and the pre-parties were in full swing. The Rice is Nice vs Spunk Records gig was going smoothly, with people trickling in and out throughout the night. But when Benet took the stage to close the show that room was packed. As the Sophisticated Lover delved into his set that same look was taking hold in people’s eye. Was it the alcohol? No, it was those trembling synths that tickled the loins of all the punters there. At that moment Happy’s sales guy Nic looked down at me through his curtain of hair with a look I never, ever hope to get from him again. Soon enough, the stage invasion began and it wasn’t long after that items of clothing were discarded.

Feeling a little hot under the collar? Don’t worry boys and girls, Donny Benet will be playing the launch party for Happy Mag! The whole thing will be going down January 22 at The Union Hotel in Newtown. Big White, Bin Juice and Wells will be providing the foreplay. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to Happy Mag for a chance to win a double pass to Secret Garden.

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