Facebook named the ‘Worst Company of the Year’ and no one is shocked

To nobody’s surprise, Yahoo! Finance selected Meta as their annual ‘Worst Company of the Year’.

Every year, Yahoo! Finance poll their audience about the best and worst companies of the year. They asked which company upset them the most and well, the people have spoken.

Despite Facebook’s best efforts (well, no efforts really, just a new name), it’s been agreed that they’re overwhelmingly shitty.

Credit: James Martin

Yahoo! Finance said that while Robinhood, Nikola, and other companies appeared in the survey in which 1,541 readers responded, Facebook was the one that received the most write-in votes with 8%.

“What is especially interesting about the Company Formerly Known as Facebook is just how many and varied the reasons people dislike it. It received 50% more votes than the second-place finisher, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, not for one singular offense but for a litany of grievances from groups of people that may have little else to agree about.” 

“One respondent said Facebook could redeem itself by acknowledging and apologizing for what it did and donating a “sizable amount” of its profits for a foundation to help reverse its harm. While some people saw the Meta rebrand as a cynical attempt to change the conversation, following Don Draper’s advice in scandal, others were excited by the potential of a new direction that could a) be interesting and b) something different from the aging social media model. A significant amount of responses focused on executives and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”

It seems that everyone’s a little pissed off at Facebook so a lot of different reasons. And not at all surprisingly a common one is that people just don’t like ol’ Zucky.