Music teachers at Brian Wilson’s old high school have changed his fail grade

Have you ever failed a subject at school, but deep down knew that your work was pure genius and that the decision was bogus? Imagine how teachers at the California high school of one Brian Wilson must have felt when they remembered the fact that the famed Beach Boys front man was given an F for an early composition of smash hit Surfin’.

These drongos recently realised the error or their ways and extended the olive branch to Wilson with their sincerest apologies and a much deserved A-grade.

In commenting on the obvious failing of the Hawthorne High School music department, Wilson’s teacher Fred Morgan has said “Brian wrote a composition for me and it turned out to be ‘Surfin’… That composition got an F, but it made a million dollars.”

Not the first time a school has royally fucked up their ability to see talent, Steven Spielberg was twice rejected from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and Vincent Van Gogh sold not one painting in his lifetime.

If anything, this is an indication that he was a pop visionary. And to anyone out there who feels like the world or your year seven music teacher won’t listen, keep at it, you could be the next Brian Wilson.

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