Faint Waves – Ultra Wave

Wanna know what it feels like to be in an arcade game? I’m talking about actually jumping into one, Tron-style. Debut LP Ultra Wave from Florida-based amateur production Faint Waves rewinds to the 1980s to take you there in the future.

faint waves

If there was ever a soundtrack to getting carpal tunnel syndrome – this is it. Listen to Ultra Wave, the latest from Vice City’s Faint Waves.

Hardcore revivalist, the engineer behind it all, lives by the motto ‘the future is retro’. Hit play on his 11-track album and you’ll see what he means. Retro synthwave blurs with futuristic electronica to the point where Pac-Man lives again and you don your jean jacket and Aviators ready to play.

Gameplay begins with Sega synth melody Beautiful Tomorrow. Level two, cyberpunk Fading Sunshine, then revs up the synthesisers and cheap special effects to shrink you with a miniaturisation ray. Disappearing down the controller, you enter the video game realm via futuristic elevator music Dreamscape. Disguising the darker synths ahead, the soothing beat sends you towards the unknown. Eventually, the elevator doors open and throw you into Impulsive Decisions – the 2D world overrun with evil electro glitches called ‘Machines’.

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Machines begin their chase. Shooting drum beats in outrun track By The Sword, you fire door back with retro synthesisers that jam their mainframe melodies. Winning bonus points and a second life, you move to level seven – Bright Future. A power-up montage of disco riffs and dream waves, you’re soon ready to take on the final levels – treble punk tracks Espionage, Corruption and Machine Song. Drum machines versus artificial medleys, the ultimate electroclash begins. But, a final wave of mechanic riffs in Point Of No Return steal your last life and cue the freeze-frame.

Game over.

If you ever wanted to experience what it’s like being in an arcade game then jump into Ultra Wave. A retro soundtrack for the future, Faint Waves take you there on their Sega synthesisers.

If there was ever a soundtrack to getting carpal tunnel syndrome – this is it.

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