Bloodhounds On My Trail are four shoegazerz from Melbourne town

Bloodhounds On My Trail – Keep On Calling

Shoegazing. I was under the misconception that it was an effective way of avoiding conversations with long lost cousins in law and my Uncle Albert. It still is, but it is also a subgenre of rock that emerged out of the UK in the late 1980s.

bloodhounds on my trail

If there were actual Bloodhounds On My Trail, I would probably listen to something else – these crawling, swirling tunes would just slow me down.

Shoegaze music has recently made a resurgence in trendy back streets and graffitied suburbs amongst boys with dark rimmed glasses and facial hair… but don’t let that put you off! The music produced is steeped in characteristic high reverb and the ethereal blended sounds of guitars and vocals. The effect of this is an amorphous musical entity that seeps into your skin and relaxes your mind. Bloodhounds On My Trail are a Melbourne based band who are spreading the alternative love and slowly bringing their moody soundscapes to the masses.

The four-man band of Nick Donaldson, Chris Donaldson, Johnny Green and Johnny O’Hara only rehearsed together for five months* before joining the live music circuit in and around Melbourne. Now they seek to create music that is both “thought provoking and atmospheric” and if you want a little sample you can jump on their Bandcamp, plug in your lava lamp and sink into their two available demos, She’s In My Plans and Keep on Calling.

If you find your boat is floating on a languid sea of cascading sounds and you want to experience some more of those ethereal waves you can catch them opening for fellow Shoegaze band Lowtide at their album launch on Friday July 25th. Opening for Lowtide is a big thumbs up for the relative newcomers and with more exposure and opportunities like this it won’t be long until they’re releasing an album of their own. You read it here first!

*Five months is a long time in the music industry. It only took us two months to forget who DMA’s were.



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