Faith and romance: Chris Wright runs us through his Better Side EP

Not too long ago Chris Wright dropped his newest EP Better Side, a sterling collection of classy R&B that hits the big ideas; love, faith, and life itself.

After giving it a spin, we reached out to Chris for some more details. He returned with some behind-the-scenes info on the Better Side EP, one track at a time.

chris wright

From perfection to self-destruction, the latest EP from Chris Wright is R&B at its most self-aware.

Perfect (I.G. Cinderella)

The song Perfect (I.G. Cinderella) was the last song recorded for Better Side, but it has a deep meaning for me, that’s why its the first track on the EP. Its main goal is asking the question, ‘What is Perfect?’ Also, I’m conveying that the human portrayal of perfect is a misnomer. Sometimes, it’s misconstrued by people and they believe that it means no problems in relationships. However in reality, those ebbs and flows are what help create a bond for a lasting relationship.

My character, speaking in the song, is basically conveying to the girl (Instagram Cinderella), who covers up her imperfections through her addiction to social media posts, that her addiction has blinded her to the reality of herself and others. She cannot tell what a good relationship looks like because of her total immersion into the world of social media; she has built he life on false reality or social media fantasy like many have in today’s society. So, my character is asking her to take the chance with him and step into reality. By doing this action, they are saying they don’t know what perfect is, but they are going to find out together.

Better Side/Better Side Acoustic

This song is about getting back to basics. It’s about guy telling the world that he loves his girl. The world today is so bogged down with the back and forth of our busy lives coupled with the fact there are talking heads (friends, family, etc.) everywhere telling us how our lives should be. However, much of what they have is hollow and superficial, and I’m rejecting that notion that you have to play mind games in a relationship when you are dating or married to someone.

When in reality, both parties can be up front with each other and work through any circumstance or misunderstanding since they compliment each other. When one is weak in an area, the other’s strength will help to pull up the other up. It’s the mature telling the immature of this world that life is better when you and your lady work as a tandem.


A little while back another singer-songwriter B.J. The Chicago Kid wrote a song called Church kind of chronicling his struggles of being a Christian man while at the same time dealing with temptation at every corner. He plays it in a half serious, half tongue in cheek way. So, when I started reminiscing about the track I decided to kind of make an answer track.

In Why?, I take his concept and flip it a bit. In it, I am, basically, having a serious conversation with God telling him that I’m tired, and I’m living in a dark space ready to give in to all my impulses and temptations even if that means that my life would end up in a self destruction. However, every time I feel I’m at the end of my rope and I feel I’m at my worst, he sends me a message in some shape or form telling me that he’s with me every step of the way, and that gives me strength to go through another day taking things step by step while I’m in a fight with myself.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a song dedicated to the times where I’ve meet different girls and we lock eyes for the first time and throughout time we become something more. I wanted to the capture the feeling of time stopping and just through body language we would have a conversation.

Whether it’s a smile from me or a simple movement of her softly touching her hair when she sees me in the distance, all of actions are screaming that we want to be in each other’s lives, and after all initial pleasantries we continually get closer. When the moment comes to get serious, I have to say ‘you took my heart, its only right that I have yours.’ Thus making or relationship a ‘love transaction’ or a ‘Fair Trade’.


Basically, what happens when you’re ready to go the next step but the other party is hesitant? You want to give your all but you have to know if she is in it with you. The guy the Maestro is basically saying that I wanna give you my name and hundred percent of me, but you have to give me a hundred percent of you as well. As, I learned from my father, a relationship is not 50/50, it is hundred percent out of both parties.

Also, I used a bit of personification to describe a woman as a cello that if played (loved) properly, that her life is enhanced while she returns the action back to me. Beyoncé has upgrading for men; I have enhancing for women. In summary, are we going to go all the way for a better life or do we just stop here and cut our losses before it’s too late?

Just Wanna (Song Of Thanks)

Honestly, Just Wanna is a revamp of the first demo I ever created. It represents where I’m from and what my inner being is like. It’s just me thanking God for everything He’s given me even when I haven’t been at my best at times. I did not make it own and he’s brought me this far.