Fake by Stephanie Wood, A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

Sliding into the depths of winter brings forth fantasies of fireplaces, mulled wine and blissfully ignoring the outside world. There are a swathe of new books to keep you company on this soggy old weekend – fake love, protective bubbles and power of music are among the topics. Here’s our top picks. happy reading list fake a constant hum the old bells of tokyo when words fail a bubble

When Words Fail, A Bubble, The Bells of Old Tokyo, Fake and A Constant Hum – let’s settle down with a list of the best books this weekend.

Fake by Stephanie Wood

The conventional expectations of love are shattered in this investigative masterclass from Stephanie Wood. Drawn into a fraudulent relationship herself, the author finds that she’s not alone. More details at Penguinfake stephanie wood book

A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop

A gripping short story collection detailing the fallout of a natural disaster that’s very specific to our nation: bushfire. Found out more about Bishop’s debut at Texta constant hum alice bishop novel

When Words Fail: A Life with Music, War and Peace by Ed Vulliamy

The kaleidoscopic soundtrack to Vulliamy’s life and times is laid bare. The questions of music’s impact on our existence, and if it indeed can make our world a better place are explored in vivid detail. Via Grantawhen words fail ed villiaumy book

A Bubble by Geneviève Castrée

If you had to leave your child behind, what would you say? Castrée encases herself and her daughter in bubble that keeps them safe from harm. Heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measures. Visit Drawn & Quarterly for more. a bubble genevieve castree graphic novel

The Bells of Old Tokyo: Travels in Japanese Time by Anna Sherman

A romantic and historic portrait of Tokyo, the world’s biggest metropolis, shrunk down to the intimate everyday interactions that Sherman has with the city and its inhabitants. Via Pan Macmillan. the bells of old tokyo anna sherman