Famous music producer Koh-Dee: a soundscape of realism and exploration of hip-hop production

Koh-Dee’s “Never Gonna Find” effortlessly channels authentic emotions through melodic brilliance.

Picture this: nestled in the enchanting coastal town of Byron Bay, Koh-Dee took up residence at the esteemed SAE Creative Media Institute to create a masterpiece that captures the essence of his personal journey. 

Drawing from his own experiences, Koh-Dee wrote, produced, and even recorded the vocals himself, giving this track an intimate touch that sets it apart.

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From the very first note, “Never Gonna Find” grabs your attention, beckoning you to immerse yourself in its sonic tapestry. Koh-Dee intentionally emphasized the vocals throughout the mix, allowing the listener to fully embrace the rich imagery that his storytelling conveys.

There’s a raw honesty in his delivery that effortlessly transports you to the exact emotions he experienced during the creation process. It’s like he’s inviting you on a deeply personal voyage through his soul.

As the song unfolds, you’ll notice a poignant reference to his time in Byron Bay. “Crying out at Byron” symbolizes the emotional turmoil he faced following the heartbreaking loss of his close friend, Brian.

The two shared a dwelling at the Arts Factory, where they embarked on their artistic endeavors side by side. Brian, a fellow artist, possessed an unparalleled talent for creating captivating illustrations that would leave you in awe.

In honoring his memory, Koh-Dee weaves these profound emotions into the fabric of “Never Gonna Find,” leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s heart. Rapping over various loops with a loose Australian accent, only adds to the lamention on grief, resilience and fear. 

Just over two-minutes in length, “Never Gonna Find” begins with a sense of genre-typical arrogance before gliding into Koh-Dee’s uplifting vocal, encouraging an array of positive notions. The production builds layer by layer, skeleton sounding synths and tambourine samples with a digital, game-like melodic tone underneath.

Loaded with purposeful pauses, where the vocals spring to the front and are practically isolated, Koh-Dee’s message can be heard interrupted. When the music is reintroduced, Koh-Dee is certain to finesse another aspect of his production, a new element to discover and add to the simmering energy of Never Gonna Find. 

There’s a determination in “Never Gonna Find”, an emotionally charged piano outro that seems to sum up the energy of where Koh-Dee currently exists. Percolating with hope, Never Gonna Find is both gentle and ambitious. 

The single appears on the heels of some hefty releases from Koh-Dee, including two full length albums, two EP’s and multiple singles. A shortage of inspiration does not seem to plague Koh-Dee, his confidence emanating throughout Never Gonna Find.

With such an impressive stretch of releases, it’s pleasing to hear Koh-Dee venturing to new places within his artistry, particularly his inclusion of talking, coughing and the general ambience that surrounds him within his tent – where he lived for ten months out the back of the Arts Factory travelodge. 

Listen to Never Gonna Find and more of Koh-Dee below. 

Hailing from the breathtaking town of Sorell in Tasmania, Australia, Koh-Dee has carved a remarkable path in the music industry.

With a private home studio in Sorell and the prestigious SAE music studios in Byron Bay, Koh-Dee masterfully concocts a sonic fusion of indie-electronica, laced with elements of lo-fi hip-hop and trap music. 

Pushing his artistic boundaries, he has recently delved into songwriting and rap, adding a new dimension to his mesmerizing creations. As we embrace 2023, Koh-Dee has already released two captivating studio albums, two EPs, a collection of enthralling singles, and even composed a groundbreaking video game soundtrack titled “Cracked Crusaders.”

Koh-Dee’s musical prowess has graced renowned stages like the illustrious FALLS FESTIVAL, JUNCTION ARTS SOUNDSCAPE FESTIVAL, and the vibrant HAZFEST, where his performances have left audiences spellbound. And his talent doesn’t stop there – he’s become a regular fixture in the thriving Hobart scene, captivating crowds at iconic venues like The Twisted Lime, The Grand Poobah, Altar, and even the world-famous MONA art gallery.

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Showcasing the versatility of his compositions, Koh-Dee has collaborated with prominent Tasmanian tourism leaders such as Bridestowe Lavender Farm and Tasmania.com, lending his enchanting melodies to multiple video ad campaigns.

Notably, Cody Webberley has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a Bachelor of Music Degree with a specialization in music technology from the esteemed University of Tasmania, solidifying his foundation in the sonic realm. Fueled by an unyielding passion, he embarks on an enriching journey to unravel the intricacies of the music industry and nurture his artistic individuality in the serene oasis of Byron Bay, Australia. 

Currently, he is wholeheartedly pursuing a Masters of Creative Industries, focusing unwaveringly on Music Production at the renowned SAE Creative Media Institute. With each step, Koh-Dee is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music world, enchanting listeners with his captivating compositions and unwavering dedication to his craft.

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