Fbqb’s new single will slip you into an ambient, electronic trance

Alt-pop duo, Fbqb have released their second single, Dropkick, which delves into the ruptured crossover of experimental sounds and music.

Boiling in the sauce of experimental music, producer based duo, Fbqb divulges in a track that bursts with flavour and simmers in mouthwatering textures.

The Brisbane and Melbourne based artists release their second single after their debut track Waste Ur Timefeaturing Abraham Tibury.


It goes without question that the creatives are pushing the boundaries between sound design and music – experimenting with textures that twitch the nerves like live wire.

The artistic hands of James Battams and Ryan Bullivant paint the soundscape of Dropkick almost effortlessly, adding layers in their track with a paintbrush of synths and distorted vocals. The song reflects “the feeling of being in a relationship that is ultimately doomed to fail and the feeling of not knowing if a friendship is worth the effort.”

And doomed it is. The eclectic alt-pop track grabs you by the legs and pulls you into a dark, dream-like, kaleidoscopic galaxy, saturated with ruptured ambient sounds and thundering bass.

Battams and Bullivant have etched their electric soundscape and dynamic production style on the map. Despite being situated in different cities, their sounds simply melt together with harmonic ease, oozing in perfect unison.


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It is without control that the body involuntarily moves to the rhythm of Fbqb’s frenetic percussion, all whilst Sora Lion’s voice bellows with bleeding heart and passion.

Similar to the likings of Seekae, Clams Casino and Shlohmo, Fbqb captures the electric imagery of experimental shakes, rumbles and bursts of imagination.


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Whilst the duo mentioned that there likely won’t be a live set in the next few months, they have assured us that new music will continue to flow along the same electric rollercoaster we have heard so far. So while we wait for a live show, all we need to do is close our eyes and let Fbqb’s sounds paint us an explosive visual circus.

Have a listen to Dropkick below: