Virginia Beach alt-rockers feedtherightwolf release their volatile debut self-titled EP

Emerging into the modern alternative rock scene, feedtherightwolf collaborate with big names on their debut EP.

Released through Visibloom Recordings, the outfit channel their love of late nineties grunge and early 2000s rock, while pulling from the likes of standout contemporaries Turnstile and Citizen to create something all of their own. 

Recorded with industry veteran Paul Lapinski, (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Yellowcard) feedtherightwolf prove themselves as a heavyweight in the alternative rock soundscape. The six-track EP stars Spin Cycle, the first release in anticipation for the complete collection. A wise decision, considering the song’s nostalgic value, as well as its impenetrable energy.


Spin Cycle is a thick wall of sound that lures you in and captivates you into staying. Steady and sure, Spin Cycle dips in and out of the cannon of alternative rock, always returning with a fresh light shone on a familiar concept of sound.

Somewhat reminiscent of cult favorites Moving Mountains, feedtherightwolf are relentless in their mining of emotion; a trait that is abundantly clear in the EP opening track The Collapse

Electrifying and instantly climatic, The Collapse is the most Turnstile-esque moment on the release, though still identifiably a concoction born of feedtherightwolf’s creative inspiration and influences.

Aggressive, volatile and simmering with undiluted rage, The Collapse is a display of musicianship and attitude, defining feedtherightwolf in under five minutes.

Alpha Uprising takes a step in a more shoegaze direction, though it is quickly grounded with its gravel-like vocals and competing guitar and bass lines.

Spaciously produced, Alpha Uprising leaves more room for rumination and implanting one’s own interpretation against its backdrop of angst.

Raining Glass takes a step closer to the world of metal-core and heavy rock, feedtherightwolf graciously and successfully borrowing from whoever and wherever they deem fit in their effort to construct something new.

It makes for an anticipatory listen, never fully knowing in which direction the band will lurch next. 

The back-end of the EP is loaded with Quicksand and Trust Anchor. In what is more of a prog-rock moment, Quicksand is rife with intensity, dynamic shifts and a delicious brewing sentimentality.

Trust Anchor acts as an epic epilogue, a replica of all the best of such a diverse scene. feedtherightwolf feel as if they have been plucked from a previous decade, though dressed expertly to fit in with the current musical climate.

Their EP is an ode to time’s past, as well as a furtive gaze towards the future. 

Listen to their debut EP below.

Review By Caitlin Norris