Feick’s Device get realer than real in their sophomore LP Biting The Hand That Feeds Your Bullshit

Feick’s Device has been kicking around Sydney’s inner west for quite a while, now comuing out with a full length album titled Biting The Hand That Feeds You Bullshit.

The record is political, bolshy and filled with those well rounded and gripping art-core undertones the band is known for.

Feick's Device

An album wrought with political unease, lyrical brevity and no shortage of experimental instrumentation, Biting The Hand That Feeds You Bullshit is a righteous second effort from Feick’s device.

Old Stories is a well-rounded introduction track, some off-kilter vocals foreshadowing the unruliness Biting The Hand That Feeds You Bullshit has to offer. Wage Slave bears a great political narrative and extremely well articulated instrumentation, while Huggy, Hush is romantic and poignant lyrically, with a consistent beat which carries the track.

Into The Arabian Sea and Honest are strong additions to the record. Sonically clear and musically gripping, I am becoming more and more convinced that instrumentation is the greatest strength of this band.

Curalium Impellendum is probably my favourite track of the album. With well defined beats and a real change of pace in the vocals, I feel like this is the place where Feick’s Device should be staying when it comes to their overall sound.

Other standouts include Temporary Deferral of Wants and Needs (Temporary Happiness), a poetic and beautifully worded piece of music. Reset is in many ways easy to pick influences for, the tempo and tone of The Smiths is not hard to miss. Jesus Pusher is brave, drawn out with a slow and bass heavy intro… a real teaser.

The band themselves have revealed that the record reflects their experiences and opinions of consumerism, political unrest, environmental destruction and mental health issues including anxiety. This is not a record without purpose and passion.

With interesting and creative lyricism, Biting The Hand That Feeds You Bullshit is soaked with attitude and bold intent, a second release that the band should be proud of.