You need to hear Into The Arabian Sea by Feick's Device

A political message disguised by animated scribbles, you need to hear Into The Arabian Sea by Feick’s Device

If you’re a fan of Violent Femmes, The Pixies and The Talking Heads, then strap yourself in because you’re in for one hell of a ride with local art-core ensemble, Feick’s Device.

Stumbling onto the music scene in 2009 in whirlwind of anti-folk goodness, Feick’s Device have continued to sculpt the music landscape with an innovative and experimental style of music.

Having accumulated rave reviews and radio support from the likes of 2ser, FBi, 4zzz, 2ear and 2vox, it’s all downhill from here for this anti-folk four piece made up of Michael Aiken (vocals and guitar), Savage Tim (drums and percussion), Gavin Stocker (bottom end and vocals) and Caz Nowaczyk (guitar, keys, vocals).

And by downhill, we mean they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

With one album already on the trophy shelf, Feick’s Device have wasted no time crafted another in Biting The Hand That Feeds You Bullshit, due to be released November 2nd. To tie you over until then is latest offering Into The Arabian Sea, the abstract new single from the ensemble.

It’ll certainly take you by surprise.

Kicking things off with a fast-paced beat, quirky vocals and a growing sense of apprehension, Aiken’s “we go fishing” elegy washes over the track, instantly painting a picture of a blue landscape, a fishing boat and some grim times ahead.

Tackling the heavy issues of public relations in the Horn of Africa, Into The Arabian Sea takes a particular focus on the Western misconception of local people in Somalia who are  demonised as being ‘pirates’.

The song is really about the stories we tell ourselves and then believe as fact, or try to live up to. The whole album is concerned with that phenomenon, both at the personal level and the political,” said Aiken.

The fact that people like you and me, sitting at home in Australia, see these stories on TV and think we understand what’s going on because a reporter uses a word like ‘pirate’. The fact that so many of those people, at least initially, weren’t criminals by choice but were actually every day people whose livelihoods were destroyed by marauding Western companies, that sort of information just isn’t included in the ‘pirate’ narrative.”

Accompanying the imaginative new track is a visual experience that takes you on an animated journey through a deep, blue expanse where huge red sea monster lurks, hoping to satisfy his craving for human flesh.

Crafted by Aiken himself, the video features a series of sketches and scribbles that have been brought to life through animated sequences and vivid colours which resonate closely with the track.

Keep an ear out for the socially conscious new album, Biting The Hand That Feeds You Bullshit on November 2nd, set to be released digitally and on vinyl.