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Fender delivers a world of effects with 6 new pedals

Fender, a company forever associated with guitars and amps, has been busy in the workshop of late. They’ve just released six new effects pedals.

These effects cover ambience, distortion and modulation and come in a rainbow of colours. The collection is a tasteful blend of classic tones from the past and innovative solutions for a new generation. fender the trapper fuzz pedal

Fender has been busy expanding their offering of effects. Their latest suite of pedals meets all your modulation, ambience and distortion needs.

The Pour Over envelope filter offers up dynamic control with an onboard distortion circuit for adding another dimension to this classic funk effect. There are deep controls for filter types and sweep direction. fender pour over envelope filter

The Reflecting Pool reverb offers up an expansive set of parameters for all your ambient needs. Three types of reverb are on offer, as well as plenty of rhythmic variability in the delay side of the pedal.fender reflecting pool reverb pedal

The Smolder Acoustic OD is designed with acoustic instruments in mind. That typical plasticky sound of acoustic guitar pickups? That can be tamed by the pickup compensation knob. There’s also a drive knob for dialling in a bit of distortion.fender smolder acoustic od pedal

With the Compugilist – it’s all in the name, really. This dual-personality pedal features simple controls for bringing a bit of vintage squash to your guitar tone. Then you can flick over to the distortion for that extra punch.fender compugilist pedal

The Trapper is not your average fuzz pedal. It comes with two discrete fuzz circuits – one with a more subtle character, which offers an upper octave switch. The other is heavier, with an interactive noise gate.fender the trapper fuzz pedal

Finally, there is the MTG: LA tube distortion. Centred around a new old stock preamp tube, it dishes up classic front end grunt. It’s also capable of serious sound shaping with EQ controls and a switchable boost.fender mtg la pedal

For prices and more information, head over to the Fender website.