Fender has shared a backstage peek at Kevin Shields' touring guitar rig
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Fender has shared a backstage peek at Kevin Shields’ touring guitar rig

Fender has shared a video backstage with My Bloody Valentine showing off Kevin Shields’ touring rig. Check it out below.

My Bloody Valentine has been surprisingly active of late. They’ve been touring fairly regularly and playing new songs live, and Kevin Shields has promised a new album very soon.

If you’ve been hanging out to know what kind of gear Shields has been working with, check out the video that Fender recently posted on Twitter below.

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Fender has been spending a bit of time with Shields in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Jazzmaster (his guitar of choice). Over the last few weeks, they’ve posted a series of interviews with the shoegaze pioneer in his studio in Ireland discussing his relationship with the guitar.

Apparently, they’ve been hanging out with him on tour too. “Last week, Kevin Shields of #MyBloodyValentine showed us his live set up. Take a look at a few key highlights!” They posted this morning on Twitter, alongside this video:

Summary? A lot of Fender offsets (naturally) and a lot of pedals.

While you’re here check out our guide to assembling the ultimate pedalboard. Kevin’s philosophy is quite inspirational!