FFXIV player spends over an hour eating 999 virtual eggs

A Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV) player has spent one real hour to virtually eat a staggering amount of online eggs.

That’s it, that’s the news. No twist. Some player spent over one hour eating eggs live on Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV) and made sure to document his progress on Twitter.

The game is the 14th instalment in the Final Fantasy series and is the second MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI. Previously for paying customers only, its recently changed level cap at 60 (for F2P players) has now allowed for new players to experience a good chunk of the game’s content for free – including egg consumption.

cool hand luke 50 eggs final fantasy ffXIV

The fellow in question logged into the game to find some player had gifted him 999 eggs, then asked him to eat them.

What choice did he have but to consume them all? The man of the hour, Ross O’Donovan, had begun his egg-consuming frenzy around 20 minutes prior to his Twitter posts, starting with very little audience and almost no incentive.

With over 10k views on Twitter now and an impressive in-game crowd, the man had begun a fiesta within moments of his madness.

But along with his act of borderline insanity, FFXIV Players had gathered around him – not in hopes of free loot or content, but to enjoy this unusual spectacle.

His hands were in pain from this feat of endurance, but his followers had inflated and grown yet again. Approximately one hour after his start, players were witnessing the birth of a legend within the FFXIV community.

With over an hour of time spent, he had finally done it. All 999 eggs had been consumed. The man had completed his task and had won over the FFXIV community in an impressive publicity stunt.

Following his journey on Twitter certainly cracked a smile upon our faces, to say the least.