The best FIFA 22 players and how to fit them into your ultimate team

FIFA 22 is coming and if you want to be the best, you’d better be prepared. Luckily we have the inside scoop on the best players in FIFA 22, including how to use them online and offline.

FIFA 22 is the latest instalment in the world’s premier football video game series. Just like real football, nothing remains static for long – teams and players rise and fall depending on their performances, age, and transfer activity.

This can make keeping track of the best players in FIFA a tricky task. Further complicating things is the mode which you choose to play; certain players make fantastic additions in online play (because they are great right now) but aren’t really worth their cost in career mode (they deteriorate at a similar rate to Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid appearances).

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Image: FIFA 22 / EA

Fear not though because the official player rankings, along with detailed stats, have been released before the game arrives. To celebrate, we will be doing a rundown of the best players in their respective positions, highlighting what they can bring to your FIFA 22 team.

Before we get to it though, there is something of enormous importance that needs to be addressed. That’s right folks, for the first time in as long as I can remember, we have seen a changing of the old guard. The battle of Messi versus Ronaldo has been interrupted.

Messi vs Ronaldo vs Lewandowski

Messi and Ronaldo have sat at the peak of world football for over a decade, and this dominance has always been indicative of their rankings in the FIFA games. During this period they have wrestled for the top spot, with the loser inevitably coming in second.

FIFA 22 sees Bayern Munich’s goal-scoring machine Robert Lewandowski finally separate the two of them, nudging Ronaldo into the third position after a Ballon d’Or worthy season. The man scored 48 goals in 40 matches, which are phenomenal numbers for a striker.

The best strikers in FIFA 22

fifa 22 lewandowskififa 22 ronaldofifa 22 kane

Robert Lewandowski is the best striker in the game. His combination of shooting, close control dribbling, and physicality make him the ultimate choice for a proper number 9. If you are looking for someone to finish off your chances, then he is the man you want. Although it should be noted his ageing legs are no longer as adept at getting himself behind defences as they once were.

Cristiano Ronaldo functions in a similar way, although his pace makes him more versatile in terms of getting on the end of through balls. This can be a big factor in FIFA 22’s online play and should be taken into account. Speaking of which, both of these players are supreme in online game modes, but aren’t particularly good value in career mode due to their age.

Kylian Mbappe is the man you want in career mode. Despite his enormous price tag, his age means he will give you a decade of quality and maintain his value. In online play he is also a monster, boasting more pace than any other player in all of FIFA 22 (97).

Despite his lower overall rating, he is destined to be the most desirable player in the game.

Forwards and wingers

fifa 22 messififa 2 neymarfifa 22 salah

Leo Messi has the highest overall rating in the entire game, and therefore holds onto his title as the best player in FIFA 22. He is incredibly versatile and can serve as your main goal threat and space creator at the same time – perfect for players who like to run at their opponents. Just don’t expect him to contribute too many headers.

Neymar is another option for those that like to leave their opponents lying on the ground in a confused heap – his dribbling skills are perfect for unlocking a defensive team.

Liverpool’s Salah and Tottenham’s Son round out our picks, and make great choices for those that want to play in a direct fashion. Sprinting in behind and shooting on sight are what these two are all about, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more effective.


Kevin De Bruyne is undoubtedly one of the most useful players in FIFA 22. He excels in the engine room, offering a borderline unfair combination of attacking flair and respectable defensive solidity. The best midfielder in the game, hands down.

If, however, you rely heavily on your midfield as a defensive unit, there are two options that stand out. Kante’s combination of short passing, athleticism and even dribbling make him a great choice – the best ball winner in FIFA 22.

Young Joshua Kimmich (great for career mode) is less dynamic, but arguably a better general midfield due to his superior passing.

The best defender in FIFA 22 (there can only be one)

fifa 22 van dijk

Big Virg (Virgil Van Dijk) is the only defender to make the official top 22 of FIFA 22. His rating has seen a bit of a drop due to his lengthy spell on the sidelines, but we expect that to increase in future updates.

The sight of him chasing down your striker is the last thing you want to see (he’s so damn fast), so do yourself a favour and get him into your team.


There are a lot of great goalkeepers in this iteration of FIFA: a grand total of 7 appear in the top 22 players. They will all do a great job for you, so feel free to pick your favourite (team Allison right here).

That said, Jan Oblak has the edge in terms of outright shot stopping, and Neur offers the most balanced choice due to better ball distribution. Because of his youth, Donnarumma should also be prioritised outside of online play.

fifa 22
Image: FIFA 22 / EA

Closing commentary

The majority of these players, largely due to age, are best suited to online competitive gameplay. They are the best players in all of FIFA 22, and it’s therefore unlikely that many of us will be able to get them all into the same squad.

It’s also true that new game mechanics could alter how effective certain players are – FIFA 21 made pace extremely effective and it seems likely the developers will try and negate that somewhat.

Therefore, experimentation is key and there is arguably no better feeling than finding an undervalued player you absolutely dominate with. So keep an open mind and a tight defence, and we hope to see you soon in the online battlefield of FIFA 22!


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FIFA 22 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch on October 1st, 2021. Pre-order your copy here.