‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ devs tease open world elements and more “surprises” in upcoming sequel

Final Fantasy VII developers have teased brand new details for the upcoming sequel, revealing possibilities of a fresh combat system and open, ff7 world map.

During an interview hosted at the Computers Entertainment Developers Conference (CDEC) and translated by Twitter user aitaikimochi, two Final Fantasy VII Remake developers teased some new details about their upcoming sequel.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi shared with fans their direction for the highly-anticipated sequel. They stated that they plan to create a game that lives up to the expectations of their fans while simultaneously surprising them.

Photo: Square Enix

Hamaguchi went on to share that the second half of the game will take place outside of Midgar.

“In Final Fantasy 13, a lot of the map consisted of a set pathway, but during the latter half of the game, it opens up to a large field map. I really enjoyed that aspect, and I hope that something like that happens for Part 2.”

Alongside the possibility of an open, ff7 world map, Hamaguchi also teased a brand new combat system. Dubbed the “action battle system”, they hope to deliver players a brand new way to fight the forces of the Shinra Corporation.

Finally, Hamaguchi revealed some information surrounding the development team and new blood therein. He shared that the team for Part 1 was mainly comprised of fans from the original game, whereas the team for Part 2 is comprised of a new wave of staff who only played the remake and want to help with its sequel specifically. He expressed that he is excited for a fresh contribution of ideas to create new and exciting moments in this tried and true classic series.

Unfortunately at this time, no further details have been released, nor has an exact release date been set. In the meantime, we will be exploring Midgar and admiring all the details it has to offer.