Fireglow ooze rock n’ roll confidence on Baby Blue Eyes

In front of a lush red velvet backdrop, Fireglow deliver a rocking performance in their video for Baby Blue Eyes. Harkening back to the rock n’ roll fueled era that were the stunning 60’s and the saucy 70’s, the band bring real heat to a performance that pays homage to their roots.

The band ooze with comfort onstage. The walls are lined with rock and roll staples, featuring the almost unheard of commodity that is the double Rickenbacker. While the music is nothing but legit, it’s evident the band don’t have the problem of taking themselves too seriously.

Hailing back to a time where real musicians played real instruments, Fireglow deliver a sizzling performance in their new video for Baby Blue Eyes.

Joyfully inter-cut with shots of child counterparts ripping up the tune, the video has a feel-good vibe that reflects the nature of the song.

Power blue suit jackets, Korg keyboards and maybe a few too many undone shirt buttons. It’s evident that Fireglow bring vibe to their lush live performances.

Songwriter Chris Macris talks about how the song flowered quite effortlessly ‘within the space of an hour’. A snapshot of creativity. The process of putting music together in such a way comes across in the cohesiveness of the track.

Catch the Sydney-siders at their next gig on the 10th of August at the Tokio Hotel in the heart of Darling Harbour with Honeyglow and Diplazar.

Check out Baby Blue Eyes below!