First Impressions are everything with lonomy’s vibrant new single

Hailing from Southern Australia, lonomy is consistently trying his hand at a range of creative and artistic endeavours.

From music production to tabletop game design, lonomy is passionate about self-expression, and his adoration of all things gaming culture.

A seemingly unstoppable creative force, lonomy unabashedly tells his own unique story, one that in many will find solace and relatability.  


First Impressions pulls from the anthemic pop-punk structure of bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, shrouding the production in a game-like soundscape with imitable energy.

Handling my online presence / handling my finances, lonomy laments in the bridge.

There’s a needy desperation to First Impressions, balanced nicely by lonomy’s self-deprecation and jovial observance of his own experience.

Tapping into both a culture he knows intimately and a sound that spans across decades, First Impressions itself is notable and exciting; energised and teeming with confidence, the single is somewhat of an oxymoron. 

I make a solid impression / but I’m not very impressive, the highlight and thesis of First Impressions.

Channelling emo predecessors while espousing and airing his grievances, lonomy cheerfully complains and admits to the difficulty of pursuing art as a self prescribed nerd.

The lyrics taken on their own – particularly throughout the verses – are vaguely upsetting, a man who feels that no-one is really paying him the attention he deserves.

But combined with lonomy’s persona and production, it becomes more of a song of acceptance. 

Filled with synth hooks and melodic displays, First Impressions is an extremely well crafted expedition.

The sound of a seasoned producer comfortably compiling a compelling range of sound and texture, while adhering to mainstream songwriting structure seemingly without effort.

There is a confidence beneath lonomy’s words, a contradiction to his proclamation of consistently making a poor first impression.

First Impressions is captivating and recognisable – whether it be the sonic nostalgia or the relatable internal diatribe that most experience with some regularity. 

Lonomy remains authentic whilst tapping into a social consciousness of fear; one of not being good enough, and of never really being seen. First Impressions counteracts this notion, even while begging to differ. 

Listen to First Impressions below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris