I’ve been fishing once when I was 10 and being on the boat made me vom everywhere. After watching the documentary The Cove I felt desperately sad not only about Sea World and whale/dolphin fishing in Japan but about all fishing really. I hate tuna, it smells bad and tastes worse.

fishing band

I am, however, a fan of Sydney’s electronic musical duo, FISHING, and all the great music they produce! The two produce downtempo electronic music, infused in places with tropical sounds and featuring collaborations with the sultry vocals of Guerre on a few tracks.

There’s some really experimental sounds, it’s great to hear artists like Fishing who are not afraid to challenge themselves and push boundaries (in different directions on different tracks) in order to produce an original sound. It’s daring and reminds me in this way of innovative artists such as Jai Paul.

The downtempo ambient electronic sounds glides through your ears into your soul. Glitchy synths rattle and shimmer over the top to create multi-tier electronic goodness.

The boys are supporting Elizabeth Rose on tour, have recently been signed by Yes Please Records, and are working on an album that will be coming your way soon! The future is looking promising.