Here’s five reasons to get yourself to Sydney’s 1MX festival next month

Starry line-ups and a unique all-in-one experience aren’t the only drawcards of one of Australia’s most promising festivals, 1MX. 

By now you’ve probably already heard of the hotly-approaching 1MX festival. Boasting a starry line-up of stellar Asian artists from the Philippines and beyond, and poised to overrun Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion early next month, the festival has rightfully become one of the hottest items on Australia’s music calendar. 

Spanning household names like Dami Im to R&b crooners like Milky Day, 1MX has burst on the festival circuit with the promise of an all-inclusive, 8-in-1 concert experience at one of the country’s most iconic venues.


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If all of that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, we’re counting down the top five reasons you need to get yourself to 1MX festival on October 8. Scroll down for our non-exhaustive list of why 1MX is the place to be, and head here to find more ticketing and event details. 

The line-up

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the crux of any good festival often comes down to its line-up. And thankfully, 1MX more than delivers on that front.

1MX is headlined by Korean-Australian powerhouse Dami Im, who most Australians know as the winner of X-Factor in 2013. Since then, Im has gone on to represent Australia at 2016’s Eurovision, where she delivered the country’s highest-ever score and placed second overall.

More recently, Im shared her fourth EP In Between in July, and quickly ascended the ARIA Charts in the process. Im is joined on the 1MX line-up by fellow X-Factor contestant William Singe, who will arrive at the festival fresh off the release of his 2023 single Have To Be.

Singe’s smash hit Mama boasts nearly one billion streams, with his infectious blend of pop and R&b sure to be a crowd pleaser during his 1MX set. Elsewhere, 1MX will welcome Filipino rapper and singer KZ Tandingan.

Deservedly dubbed the Soul Supreme of Asia, KZ has contributed songs to multiple film soundtracks, as well as delivering a handful of popular solo releases.

KZ’s most recent effort, the June single Dito Ka Lang, is the clearest example of how she’ll steal the spotlight at 1MX. Hailing from Manila and touting a unique sound of folk-pop, Ben&Ben are known for their vibrant stage presence, a feat only enhanced by their catalogue of brilliant releases spanning Pebble House to LIMASAWA STREET.

Ben&Ben aren’t the only group who’ll take centre stage at 1MX, with fellow band Bini also comprising the festival line-up. For their part, the eight-strong girl group will flex their status as P-Pop icons, with a setlist of fierce and uber-viral tracks like Na Na Na.

Elsewhere, 1MX will host pop wunderkind Keenan Te, whose powerhouse vocals and latest EP Phases are sure to enrapture audiences. 1MX’s line-up is finalised by rising R&b star Milky Day and multi-hyphenate Maymay.

With such an unmissable cohort of talent, 1MX will no-doubt captivate audiences when it hits Hordern Pavillion next month.  


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Unique 8-in-1 experience

Perhaps the major drawcard for 1MX is its promise of a wholly unique festival experience. Unlike other events on the festival calendar, 1MX will take place only on one stage, with each line-up act performing one after the other as part of an 8-in-1 concert extravaganza.

This allows festival-goers to fully appreciate each of their favourite artists without fear of a dreaded timetable-clash, ensuring every act gets their worthy time in the limelight.

Gone are the days when you must sacrifice the end of your favourite set to jet off to another stage; with 1MX, the music experience is all-inclusive. How it should be. 


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Asian fusion

No other continent is pumping out stars quite like Asia. You only need to observe the meteoric rise of BTS and K-pop in general to understand the sheer talent emanating from that part of the world, and 1MX offers the chance to see all of that in the flesh. 

While the line-ups of other festivals on the Aussie circuit are all well and good, 1MX is a specialty event purpose-built to celebrate Asian culture, with an eclectic, country-hopping line-up to boot.

1MX shines a well-deserved spotlight on both international and local Asian artists, serving as a showcase of the continent’s unique charms and flavours. 

International experience

1MX is unique in that it has toured in countries other than Australia. Prior to its trip Down Under, the festival embarked on uber-successful runs in London and Toronto, meaning organisers have refined the experience ahead of its Australian stop. 

The fact that these London and Toronto outings took place at both of the cities’ most iconic venues (Dockyards and Budweiser) is further proof that 1MX has international appeal, and will bring its success to Australian shores without a hitch.

Fun for all ages

In keeping with 1MX’s spirit of diversity and inclusivity, the festival is welcoming of revellers of all ages. That makes it the perfect option for families seeking exhilarating Sunday afternoon festivities, or a top choice for pre-teens who’ve been waiting to see Maymay on Aussie shores for years. 

So what are you waiting for? Head here to secure tickets to 1MX festival ahead of its start date of October 8.