‘Flight of the Aeronaut’ from Vian Izak soars with hope and power

Flight of the Aeronaut is the vivid and instrumentally rich third album from Vian Izak, and it’s bursting with passionate songwriting.

The journey of creating Flight of the Aeronaut was arduous for Vian Izak. Beginning in late 2019, Izak began collaborating with the best in the business; Davide Rossi (strings for Coldplay), Michael Brauer (mixed for John Mayer), and trumpeter Emmanuel Echem (Lauren Daigle), to name a few. Then, the pandemic struck, and Izak turned to technology to continue his creative collaborations.

Containing sounds from all over the globe, Flight of the Aeronaut was well worth the wait. Its grandiose nature and emphasis on hope is a relevant message for our day and age. For our generation, and generations to come.

Vian Izak

Feel My Love opens up the album, revelling in reflective lyricism ‘I was broken so early, my young heart grew bold”. The artists’ utilisation of the vocoder results in a richly textured vocal performance, also featuring the gorgeous harmonies of Izak’s wife, Juniper Vale. Next up is the atmospheric and percussive The Sweetest Words. The cut features a cute, bouncing synth that feels reminiscent of Fireflies by Owl City, so it’s no surprise that this song is one of the clear standouts. Easy-listening indie fans will fall hook, line, and sinker for this delicate and intricate tune.

The overarching theme of hope within Flight of The Aeronaut becomes crystal clear on the rollicking Scars. “You are more than your scars”, Izak professes convincingly through various vocal effects. Forward took Izak years and years to construct, but the result is a warm ballad with assured melodies. The strings and brass especially boost the song’s pulse.


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The emotionally crushing Sangre de Cristo is a testament to Izak’s knack for collaboration. Alongside Davide Rossi, the two penned the track right as COVID-19 was hitting the world, and my god, it shows. “The world seems so dark and the future unknown”. But once again, hope is the prevailing feeling beneath the fear. Title track Flight of the Aeronaut is another unbelievably powerful cut. Soft piano and stacked falsetto create a dreamy soundscape that eventually breaks loose to a cataclysmic ending. Dreams bookends the album – a sweet piano-driven song co-written with Izak’s brother Hein.

If you’re craving gorgeous strings, keys, and meaningful songwriting, look no further than this record. Listen to Flight of the Aeronaut below: