“Wake Up” to the sounds of a fearless fusion of genres that is Flip That Groove

Emerging from Melbourne, Flip That Groove is a breath of fresh air with their fearless fusion of music.

Flip That Groove’s music is a potent blend of thought-provoking lyrics, infectious beats, and a fearless fusion of genres that defy categorization.

Their latest single, “Wake Up,” is a prime example of their artistic audacity, urging listeners to break free from the shackles of overthinking and embrace the present moment.

flip that groove

Flip That Groove’s music is woven from diverse threads of inspiration, seamlessly incorporating elements of Dance, Techno, Funk, Indie Pop, and Hip Hop.

This eclectic approach sets them apart from the crowd, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Their music is not just about entertainment; it’s a catalyst for introspection and social commentary, challenging listeners to think critically about the world around them.

“Wake Up” is a playful yet introspective exploration of the mind-melting effects of overthinking and negativity. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics poke fun at the modern-day obsession with fitness gurus and Hulu binges, while simultaneously encouraging listeners to let go of these distractions and embrace the present moment.

The song’s infectious beat and melodic chorus perfectly complement the introspective sentiment of the lyrics, creating a track that is both thought-provoking and undeniably catchy. The song ends with a very satisfying slappin’ synthy bass that’ll make you hit repeat.

wake up flip the groove

Flip That Groove’s creative process is deeply rooted in collaboration, with guest artists and musicians regularly contributing to their projects. This approach infuses their music with a depth and richness that is hard to find elsewhere.

Canadian Rap Artist DOC’s collaboration on “Wake Up” adds a unique flavour to the song. With a distinct style characterised by minimal breakbeat and bigbeat elements, Flip That Groove’s music is driven by a desire to stimulate dialogue and inspire connection. 

Their commitment to celebrating cultural diversity and promoting solidarity among minority groups is evident in their work, making them a beacon of hope and inclusion in the Australian music scene.

With their unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, Flip That Groove is fast becoming an indispensable force in the Australian music landscape.

Their music is a testament to the power of artistic curiosity and activism, and “Wake Up” serves as a resounding call to action, encouraging listeners to awaken their minds and hearts to the possibilities that lie ahead.