Artist on Artist: Flip that Groove’s Pauli, and Cloutie get kinda freaky

Pauli from Flip That Groove, gets candid with Melbourne Hip Hop Artist Cloutie as they connect over their shared love for playing, improvising and unpredictability

In this unreserved exchange with Flip That Groove’s Pauli, Melbourne’s Cloutie Will opens up about the genesis of her collaborative EP, “Getting Kinda Freaky.”

Revealing a fusion of sensuality and personal empowerment, Cloutie shares how the lyrics were inspired by the vision of a graceful ballet dancer, translating into a harmonious dance in the bedroom.

Flip That Groove EP 'Getting Kinda Freaky'

The interview delves into the socially conscious track “Hungry Ghost,” drawing from Cloutie’s experiences as a lead tenant and her critical reflections on societal flaws.

The dynamic artist discusses her creative journey, seamlessly navigating between live performances and recording.

Join Pauli from Flip That Groove, as he gets the inside scoop from Melbourne Hip Hop Artist Cloutie Will about Sexuality, Sex and Temptation covered in their collaboration EP “Getting Kinda Freaky”.

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Pauli:  Can I ask you about your processes and how you got the lyrics for Getting Kinda Freaky ? 

Cloutie Will:  When we talked about the music you had composed, you talked about a solo dancer on stage, with fluid, sensual, dance movements.

This conversation sparked an idea in my mind about a graceful ballet dancer, evoking sensuality.

I drew a parallel between this imagery and a passionate dance in the bedroom, encompassing the intensity, the rhythm, and the fluidity.

I used lyrics I had written during a period of personal growth and empowerment, regarding my own satisfaction and desires.

I believe that this experience is always enhanced when shared with a lover. 

Pauli: Can you tell us more about the story behind the song ? 

Cloutie Will:  The lyrics were written during my personal growth as a woman. In many aspects, I am inclined to please others, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

When I was younger, I prioritised the needs of others over my own, even in the realm of intimacy.

The lyrics, “baby putting sex boots on you’ve been a sex kitten temptress for far too long now just move with your body and do what feels right like”.

I used this comparison of an intimate dance within the confines of the bedroom. 

“ A shakti princess with a tantric vibe,” is to emphasize the significance of attentively listening to my body, being attuned to its desires, and engaging in actions that bring me pleasure, rather than conforming to societal expectations or perceived obligations in the bedroom.

I am still in the process of learning, but the most fulfilling encounters I had occurred when intimacy transforms into a harmonious dance, where both partners let go, attentively listen to one another. 

Pauli: The track, Hungry Ghost, has a groove going on and the lyrics fit really well to the music. What was your inspiration for this song? 

It has an underlying darkness to it …. 

Cloutie Will: During my time as a lead tenant with YSAS (Youth Support and Advocacy Service), I composed the lyrics for this song.

It was a period when I was enrolled in a Master’s degree in professional and applied ethics at Melbourne University I was studying subjects like

Global Justice, Violence, War, and Terrorism, I realised how flawed our economic system is, how deceitful politicians can be. 

I lived alongside young people who had recently completed rehab or detox programs to support them. I saw this as a valuable opportunity to serve as a mentor to these young individuals. 

Money has an addictive quality, brings out the worst in us as human beings – bitterness, anger, and greed. 

In Buddhism, the term “Hungry Ghosts” is used to describe individuals who, no matter how much they consume, are never satisfied.

They suffer from insatiable hunger and thirst. This concept holds true in our world as well, where some people endure the consequences of economic inequality, while others, regardless of their abundance, remain perpetually thirsty for more, unable to quench their desires, unable to give or to share. 

Pauli: You don’t just do recording and production, you also do a really dynamic live show. Can you tell me about your creative journey? 

Cloutie Will: I like to switch between live performances and recording sessions. My experience in recording surpasses that of live performances.

I started my recording journey with producer Andy Brader in a duo named Q-Jumpst Inc. Together, we released an album titled M&S Oddities on Band Camp. The process of recording that album spanned approximately two years. 

Pauli: And what parts of the recording process do you like ?

Cloutie Will: I enjoy collaborating with Flip That Groove, and our shared love for playing and improvising during recording sessions, the unpredictability in our collaborations leads to unexpected treasures like the EP Getting Kinda Freaky. 

The sense of fulfillment that comes from completing and releasing projects, being able to share our creativity, helps me to continue to make music and write. 

There is a quote by Rick Rubin that resonates with me: “Complete the project so you can take the risk of sharing it. The risk is the price of creation”. 

Pauli:How has studying music at Monash University changed your approach to both recording and performing ? 

Cloutie Will: I believe this experience has made me more grounded. Previously, I was hoping to write a song that would become popular someday, and if that didn’t happen, I was okay with it.

After starting this degree, I realise the significance of the local community and supporting others on their musical journey. I am in classes with people half my age who possess incredible talents, I am learning from them and the teachers, and have gained more confidence in myself. 

Participating in this course compels me to confront my imposter syndrome and strive to embrace the belief that I am a musician and will continue to grow as a musician, performer and producer. 

Pauli:What can we expect to see from Cloutie Will at the Adelaide Fringe in Febuary ?

Cloutie Will: I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to share the stage with Madam Nightingale. I have previously been a supporting act in a few of her shows, this time we will be performing together in a single 60-minute set. 

Our performance, titled “New Beginnings,” will take place at the Prompt Creative Centre on Friday, February 16th, Saturday, February 17th, and Sunday, February 18th.

Tickets for the show can be purchased on the Adelaide Fringe website. “New Beginnings” is a captivating musical experience that combines spoken word, interpretive dance, and elegant storytelling.

Madam Nightingale and Cloutie will deliver a transcendent contemporary hip hop and 80’s influenced synthpop show. 

Pauli: Thanks Cloutie Will you have an amazing energy and its been an incredible experience to work with you as and artist on the Project it is always fun when we create together. 

Have fun in Adelaide