Flip That Groove succumb to temptation on new EP ‘Getting Kinda Freaky’

Seemingly pulled from a late-night bedroom romp, Flip That Groove’s Getting Kinda Freaky brims with lust, desire and temptation. 

Flip That Groove have trawled through feelings of lust, love and temptation on Getting Kinda Freaky, a four-song collection that serves as their debut EP.

The eclectic project, created in collaboration with Melbourne/Naarm artist Cloutie Will, begins with the regal strings and tantric percussion of the title track. 

Flip That Groove EP 'Getting Kinda Freaky'

Coasting on crunchy beats and rhythmic finger-clicks, the EP opener sets the scene for the EP’s sensual tone, helped along by a whispery vocal performance.

While there’s a beautiful sparseness to the production, Getting Kinda Freaky plays with ear-catching textures and layered instrumentals. 

In between entracing vocals that swing from airy hushes to acrobatic heights, the track is punctuated by punchy drum sections and lyrics around fulfilling desires. “It’s a rhythm, it’s a vibe,” the vocals coo, “my body shaking, I’m on cloud nine.”


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While the erotic energy continues on the second track, Hungry Ghost switches up the sound with trap production and clear hip-hop stylings. 

Here, Flip That Groove sing alongside pulsating snares and slinky 808 drums, with the subtle twinkle of backing keys. The track showcases the group’s inherent versatility, serving as an exercise in frenetic trap-pop and rhythmic RnB.

In the vein of Ashnikko, the vocals command attention even amid the bombastic production, forefronting her incisive reflections on greed, the hunger for money and gluttonous consumption. 


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Chopped vocals later accent Flip That Groove’s clear knack for hooky melodies, as Flip The Groove and Cloutie Will saunter around the beat in a way destined for earworm status.

Proving that the EP is just as focussed on sonic diversity as it is on lustful pursuits, penultimate track One Love Is All changes tunes yet again.

A slice of mellow psych-rock with punkish flairs, the song coasts on sparse lyrics, talky vocals and the subtle clash of cymbals.

It provides ample room for Flip That Groove and featured artist Angus Ray to lay bare their stance on accepting people’s religion, race and sexual identity. 


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The EP culminates on standout track Sex & Violence, a killer closer brimming with racy lyrics and hip-hop flows.

The cadences switch with the finesse of an experienced rapper, letting the pen run freely with mentions of sexual fantasies, nudity and being “a hardcore bitch.”

It’s a fitting end to Getting Kinda Freaky, an EP so diverse and experimental that its bound to usher in a breakout moment for Flip That Groove. 

Succumb to your naughtiest temptations with Flip That Groove’s new EP Getting Kinda Freaky below.