Floating Points announces new single Ratio, deconstructed for a unique vinyl release

Synth maniac Floating Points has always had a flair for the experimental. Now, Sam Shepherd has unveiled the plans for his latest single Ratio, and it looks like the game won’t be changing anytime soon.

The track, clocking in at a massive 19 minutes, will be available digitally and on vinyl this month. And the vinyl release is just so sweet.

floating points ratio split vinyl
Photo: Dimensions Festival

Floating Points is throwing the DJ world a bone with his latest; a vinyl release featuring a deconstructed mix of his new track Ratio.

The A-side features the first nine minutes of the song, plus an organ-only cut of the full version’s second half. Meanwhile the B-side will feature a beats, drums and bass only mix of the song’s second half.

“Squeezing 19 mins onto one side of wax is a bit bananas, so the vinyl edition will be a deconstructed mix where the second half of the track is split with drums and bass on one side and the other elements on the flip.”

“Combining two copies faithfully recreates the original, but both sides are also pretty fun to experiment with.”

Ratio is out October 19th via Floating Points’ label Pluto.

Via Resident Advisor.