Flowers for Jayne recall crunchy ’00s rock on brilliant debut, ‘Dangerous Woman’

Flowers for Jayne contain an irresistible old-school charm, where screeching electric guitar and rugged melody are everything.

Flowers for Jayne are a power trio, consisting of Jayne (vocals, guitars), Phil (bass, vocals), and Jess (drums, vocals). However, upon a preliminary listen, you’d never suspect the small size.

The band’s trusty electric tone and colourful chords make for a rich backing, while the no-nonsense hooks engulf your headspace. That is if you’re not already head-bopping to the tightly-bound rhythm section; agile and unhesitant to syncopate if the melody beckons. The band have made a bold entrance onto the Sydney scene with their debut album, Dangerous Woman – a bubbling pot of warm, catchy, pop-punk.

Flowers For Jane
Image: Album Cover

Dangerous Women was recorded at Zen Studios, with all 11 tracks written and produced by Jayne. The band recruited ARIA-award winning engineer Anton Hagop (Silverchair, Powderfinger) for mixing, and oh my, does it show. The final product fits very comfortably in the realm of ’00s Australian rock, and lovers of that era will certainly gravitate to the familiarity Flowers for Jayne produce.

The first track that totally hooked me was On My Mind. Its crunchy riff, steadfast pace and two-chord see-saw all culminate into a brilliant, fist-pumping anthem. Really hoping this track makes the live-show setlist.

Next comes the title track, Dangerous Women. The track is a swaying ode to female power, bursting with tongue-in-cheek lyricism, clever chord choices, and a riveting guitar solo to boot. That’s four big green ticks – no wonder it’s the choice for the album title.

Personality offers up a pelting melody and attitude that recalls the havoc of The Sex Pistols. However, Flowers for Jayne certainly create a more radio-friendly end-result, with the melodies intact, ready to be sung along to. “Your personality is no use to me!” Brutal, but valid. We’ve all felt that way towards someone at one point.

Without spoiling the rest of the tracklist, Flowers For Jayne keep the energy high, the harmonies rich, and the guitars triumphant. As we enter 2022, why not give Aussie rock a hand up?

Check out the Flowers For Jayne YouTube channel here, and be sure to snag a ticket to the band’s album launch event. It’s going down on January 21st at The Great Club in Marrickville.

Pre-order Dangerous Woman here.